Achievement Hunters – Steven Universe: Save The Light

Developer Grumpyface Studios have revealed the achievements for Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe: Save the Light.

There are a total of 20 achievements, with just 4 of them being secret. You can check out the full list of achievements below, where you will find secret achievements further below.

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Donut Hole in One (10 points)
Jump through a big donut
Attack the Light (15 points)
Defeat 100 Light Constructs
Perfect Ten (25 points)
Perform 10 Perfect blocks in a row
Somebody’s Perfect (25 points)
Perform 10 Perfect attacks in a row
Delivery Boy (25 points)
Complete all the Fish Stew Pizza deliveries
Work of Art (25 points)
Help Vidalia finish her masterpiece
Future Boy Boltron (25 points)
Receive every fortune from BOLTRON: SON OF ZOLTRON
Boss Beater-Uppers (25 points)
Defeat any boss without letting any party members be defeated
Trifecta (25 points)
Defeat three enemies with a single attack
POW!!! (25 points)
Deliver over 100 damage with one ability
Team Building Exercise (25 points)
Perform every fusion and team attack
  Lil’ Dudes (100 points)
Recover every Lil’ Light Steven
Crying Breakfast Friend (100 points)
Defeat any boss while wearing the CBF Badge
Adventure is Out There (100 points)
Travel to every zone
Perfect Porkchop (100 points)
Complete the game to 100%
Believe in Steven (100 points)
Collect all other achievements

Secret Achievements

Is This Canon? (50 points)
Experience an alternate sequence of events…
We Always Save the Day (50 points)
Save Light Steven and the Prism
Best Case Scenario (50 points)
Win the fight and then go out for pizzas!
Back in Bismuth (100 points)
Fully upgrade all weapons at The Forge

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