Videogame Nation not renewed

In a disappointing announcement, Ginx TV has confirmed that next week’s episode of Videogame Nation (#VGN) will be the last, as the Saturday morning TV show has not been renewed.

Born in part from the ashes of Thank You For Playing – a brilliant concept to bring TV and other mediums together to explore video games – Videogame Nation was the TV programme that so many of us had dreamed of for years.

A smart, funny, mature and genuinely entertaining TV show about video games. And now it’s over.

If you are not familiar, Videogame Nation was developed by Ginx TV and broadcast on Saturday mornings on Challenge TV in the UK. The 30-minute show – fronted by Dan Maher (Mr Pointy Head from much loved and sadly missed Inside Xbox) Aoife Wilson (Khaleesi of video games, formerly of OXM, now of Eurogamer and a well respected VG journo) and John Robertson (insane probably-a-serial-killer Aussie comedian).

Dig around online, you’ll find some clips. Look, we’re not going to condone any form of piracy, even when a show’s been cancelled. But this guy might be able to help.

As soon as the announcement was made, the Twitter proletariat rose up as one and beat down the studio doors. Okay, not quite, but they said some pretty nice things about the show.

We spoke briefly to Dan about where the show goes next:

So, you heard the man. Let’s help the good folks over at Ginx TV convince the world that a show this good, this well written, this positive about our shared hobby is worthy of at least 30 minutes a week on our small screens.

Let’s remind TV execs that THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY IS WORTH MORE TO THE UK ECONOMY THAN THE FILM INDUSTRY and flipping Barry Norman was on our TV screens for a gazillion years…

If you want to stay in touch with developments, you could do worse than follow @MrPointyHead, @AoifeLockhart, @Robbotron, and @GinxTV on the Twitter machine.

You might also want to hang on to the coat-tails of @itsJuliaHardy who pops up on TV and Radio from time to time, and the brilliant pairing of @stevemcneil and @daraobriain who’ll be on our screens later this year with “Go 8 bit

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