Fallout 4’s Mods Get Xbox Closed Beta Release

Fans have been crying out for Fallout 4 mods to come to Xbox One – it was one of the main selling points when the game was first revealed. So far, mods have been the preserve of PC gamers.

But it seems the mods’ success on PC could mean players getting a chance to play early, thanks to a closed beta. That’s according to Bethesda’s official Twitterings…

One million mod downloads in such a short space of time is crazy impressive, and we’re hoping that they’re equally successful once they appear on consoles.

But what we still don’t have is a date – just some detective work. Far Harbor, the game’s upcoming DLC, is released on May 19th, which puts Fallout 4’s console Creation Kit on course for its unknown May release date. The kit had previously been released as a beta for PC gamers at the end of April, but this is the first word on Xbox’s own closed beta run.

The Creation Kit promises easy access for both modders and gamers just looking for a download. Those creating mods for the Boston-based RPG upload them to Bethesda.net, and they can be downloaded in-game – that sounds seamless to us. +10XP for ease of use, guys.

We’ll keep you posted as this one develops.

If we could have just one Fallout 4 mod on Xbox...
If we could have just one Fallout 4 mod on Xbox…

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