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Time to prove you have what it takes to survive in this strange dark world

Welcome to a hostile and deadly world known as Noch, while you’re here you take the role of a strange energy – a Lux. This world is not small by any means, it’s made up of an ever growing number of biomes which all together create The Wild. You need to traverse across these varied biomes with two main objectives, find out why you exist and to survive. One of the best ways to survive out there is to craft, you can do the basics when you start but as you progress your crafting skills progress too. So get yourself a camp built and remember it’s location, you’ll will need somewhere safe when things turn nasty – especially when it gets dark. Time to make camps, claim land, build your settlements, place walls, install turrets and hire NPC’s to help them defend it from attack.

So now we have a place to call home, it’s time to go exploring. As you venture you will come across numerous enemies and other players, so make sure you’re ready for anything. You’ll also come across sinkholes out in Noch, these can hold various treasures but are not easy places to survive in. The further you travel down the sinkhole the higher the chance for loot, but these are very unstable and can collapse at any point so watch out as it will take you down as well.

LUX Sinkhole

Now we have a safe house, a knowledge of enemies and a way of gathering better loot – want to hear about skill unlocks now, course you do. Through your adventures every action you perform will give you experience in the form of Lumen. You can spend Lumen to improve your Lux at the Gizmo, take a look below:

Each cluster you see has a powerful centre comprising of either skill, crafting schematics or character unlock. Each cluster that branches off from the centre will boost your stats, it really is up to you how you improve. You’ll have access to hundreds of clusters, plan out what you want to unlock most and which path you follow to get there. What else can Lumen do, well once you have absorbed and spent enough you get a H.U.S.K. These old world machines will help you no end from collecting materials faster all the way combat, a huge help in this dark place.

And there we go, the basics that you will need to get started. But I have barely scratched the surface here, this game has so much more to offer but I wouldn’t want to give all the details away. You can visit the kickstarter page for LUX by clicking right here to go to their page, as it’s a kickstarter you have the opportunity to back this and get some pretty sweet rewards too – plus there’s so much more info there, no reason not to really.


What’s your views on LUX, I think it looks awesome and can’t wait to spend a fair few hours playing it. How about you though, why not let us know in the comments section?


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