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A handy checklist for the ultimate gaming session

Hey there you awesome group of people, what do you think is the most common factor amongst all of us here? You probably guessed it, we all love games and gaming. There’s nothing better is there, smashing levels and finishing first in any game gives us that warm feeling inside. We here at Xbox One UK decided to make a checklist to make sure you get the best experience, let’s crack on so we can get to the gaming faster.

A – Audio


Chances are you have amazing televisions or monitors already set up but don’t forget the sounds, they are surprisingly important. Noises can set the scene in horror games, let’s us hear enemies in shooter games and make us smile from ear to ear with fantastic engine noises in racers. Check the speakers, soundbar, headset or your preferred equipment to not only get the edge but also to get the most out of the in game sounds and music.

B – Batteries / Battery Pack


I’m guilty of this one, forgetting to charge my controller and then getting a disconnect warning right at the important part. Always keep an eye on the battery indicator, keep spare batteries to hand or the charging lead close by.

C – Controller

Xbox Elite Controller

Make sure it works and has the latest updates, or if you’re going to have a gaming party then make sure there’s enough to go around. I have a couple of controllers but also use my favourite, if anyone else touches it then an insta-death will be heading their way.

D – Drinks


We all know the basics of the human body, keep your fluids topped up. Always keep your choice of drink close by, on my table next to me is always a coffee and a soft drink – a good combo as the drink depends on the game.

E – Excitement


I am nearly 33 years old but still get excited about games, new games and old games alike. You should always play games with a bit of excitement added, otherwise it isn’t as much fun.

F – Fun


This sort of ties in with excitement, if you’re not having fun while playing then maybe it’s time to take a break or come off for the night. Fun also applies to the games themselves, if a particular game gets boring then try a game you haven’t played in a while.

G – Games


This is the first given really, without games it’s really difficult to play. It’s nice to have a collection of different titles and genres, spice things up a bit. You have the chance to be anything from a war hardened hero, a street racer, a sporting legend or become the person that protects the galaxy from UFO baddies.

H – Headset


I tend to game using a headset, one because they give a much better sound than my TV and two because I don’t want to wake up my kids from having the volume to loud. Also they give us the mic, great for party chats and for teamwork in those hard to beat levels.

I – Ingenuity


We all have that one game which involves solving puzzles, we try all the ways we can think of to solve them but end up with a fail. This is where ingenuity comes in, think outside the box sometimes as some puzzles can be somewhat obscure to say the least.

J – Joy

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That amazing feeling you get from finally defeating that boss, completing that level, winning that match or finishing that game. Be warned though as sadness can go hand in hand with joy as once you’ve done your task, what will you do now?

K – Knowledge


As the old saying goes ‘Knowledge Is Power’, you wouldn’t fight an end of level boss with a toothpick. Chances are you already know about the game you just brought but you can never have enough knowledge, learn the strengths and weakness so you can dominate.

L – Loot


Every game has it and every player needs it, keep your eyes peeled for boxes and chests that more than likely contain loot. It is there for a reason and will no doubt help you in game, plus if you get the good stuff then you automatically get bragging rights too.

M – Multiplayer


One of my favourite aspects of gaming is multiplayer, either playing with or against someone else is pretty cool when you think about it. I know I’ve had some fairly epic times playing in multiplayer modes of games, so don’t be afraid to test your skills against others.

N – New Content

new content

Has one of your games just had an update, is there a new DLC pack you want? However you look at it, new content is cool. Battling new enemies, racing new tracks, trying out new weapons – the list is endless and a new lease of life for games is always a winner.

O – Organisation


There’s nothing worse than opening a case to find the disc is missing or a different disc altogether, take care of your gaming equipment. Also knowing where the lead you need is, I have spent far too long looking for charging leads at the most inconvenient times.

P – Practice


Practise makes perfect, take some time to learn the game. Some games have button combinations that look out of our league but the skills will come, we just have to perfect the technique. Practice also applies to certain levels, you just have to keep trying until you know what needs to be done.

Q – Quests


Whether the quest is part of the game or a personal one, this is what gaming boils down to. We set out to achieve something, otherwise there isn’t much point in playing. Plus completing the quests (in game or personal) gives that sense of knowing you did it, then you can officially pat yourself on the back.

R – Respect

respect 1

Respect the game and respect the players, it makes gaming so much more fun this way. There’s no need to find glitches in games, it ruins it for the rest of us. Also respect the developers, without their blood, sweat and tears we wouldn’t have any games to play.

S – Saving


If you only take away one point from this, it is save at every chance you get. There’s nothing worse then plugging in two hours hard work for it all to be lost, gamer rage normally follows for me after thinking ‘I don’t need that save’ then dying and starting again. I learnt the hard way, please don’t be another victim.

 T – Teamwork


This is vital in most games, work together and reap the rewards as flying solo often ends badly. Plus gaming in a party of friends is always better, adds some friendly competition as well as throwing in some quality banter.

U – Unusual


Expect the unexpected, game developers know how to throw a curveball to us gamers to keep us on our toes. Sometimes the way to solve levels and puzzles is rather unusual, but in the world of gaming unusual is normally usual (if you get what I mean). Maybe this is why the ‘Xbox, Record That’ function was created, to capture those moments where only the phrase “How in the….” is the perfect answer.

V – Victory

field of spring grass and sunset
field of spring grass and sunset

Is there a better feeling than when you win in game, it makes you want to dance like no one is watching. It’s always good to see the victory screen but don’t rub it in against the opposition too much, there’s always someone out there that is either better or has much more luck.

W – Weapons


Not just in the sense of guns, anything can be a weapon. Take football for example, your top goal scorer is a weapon just as much as the best gun is in shooter games. Find the load out that works best for you and use it to your advantage, whatever the game it is you’re playing.

X – Xbox Live Gold Subscription


Sounds a bit obvious I know, but I have been caught out. Then the mad scramble for finding the cheapest and quickest way or getting Xbox Gold begins, you know what I mean and may have experienced this yourself too.

 Y – Yummies


Not sure what a yummy is, basically it’s food. Choose wisely though as your hands will be on the controller too so things like crisps will leave greasy marks everywhere, same goes for food with sauces in them as you know it will come out like a jet as soon as you bite into it.

Z – Zombies


They’re everywhere and becoming more popular, in fact I’m fairly sure I see some everyday. If you become burnt out on particular games, try a refreshing change to making the dead stay dead. Deep down inside this is a guilty pleasure for us, a bit twisted but still fun.

So there you are, a handy little A-Z guide for gamers. I hope it is of some use to you, please feel free to print it and laminate it for future reference (there’s no charge).

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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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