Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

Mega Man Legacy collection was announced just before this year’s E3, I’m a retro gamer I do like a good classic and Mega Man fits the criteria perfectly.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is all six Mega Man titles released between 1987 and 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All six of these titles have been painstakingly reproduced on Xbox One to look and run as if they were on an original NES. If it wasn’t for the controller being an Xbox one controller in your hand you would of thought you were playing on the NES. This is the truest representation of a reproduction of the retro classic.

mega 1

A feature I like that Digital Eclipse & Capcom have included is the option to make it look like you’re playing on an old CRT television, All you have to do it go to the option and chose from several filters and you can make the game look more retro by applying the filters. The effect that the filter pulls off are very impressive, as it adds motion blur and screen flicker to the game (screen flicker probably not advisable for people with epilepsy). Without the filters applied, you get a sharp picture that makes the game look even better as you get to see Mega Man is all his 8-bit glory in super detail.

The screen size is the classic 4:3 ratio, Again Digital Eclipse & Capcom have added more options to the screen size. You can make Mega Man fit your entire screen or you can put some art work borders around the 4:3 ratio game play. Only down side I found to the option of making it fit your entire screen is, it make the game look stretched and some items squashed and make it feel a little less retro. It’s a nice feature but I stuck to classic 4:3 ratio with the artwork borders as it was better for the game play.

All six of the Blue Bomber’s challenging adventures find him running, jumping and shooting his way to each stage boss battle. If mega man is victorious he gains the enemy special ability. Players can tackle each boss in their own order to gain the special abilities.


Quite frankly, all six of the games hold up fantastically. The platforming is difficult, but ultimately fair. Some of the boss patterns are, but the skilled will be able to overcome them. I have had just as much fun dying repeatedly in the Mega Man Legacy Collection as I did when I first played through these games.

Now for the best bit about the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Where the collection really brings back the memories of the original NES games is that each individual game has a database and a museum full of information on the bosses, enemies and the database features information and profiles for all of the enemies and gives a lot of backstory to the characters as some characters were written differently before release. If you spend the time and read through all the bios you will find yourself reminiscing your youth playing the original and finding interesting facts as back then there was no internet to search to find out who was who.

An added Bonus to the additional content it that you can practice the boss battles. This can prepare you for the actual fight in the game itself believe me they are difficult.
The museum features a huge amount of production art, concept art, character files, and promo art. If you wanted to you could have a little giggle at the original promotional flyer for the original Mega Man.


One main aspect I like is the music player they have included, you can listen to all the music from all six Mega Man, and well I say all, I noticed the Mega Man 6 ending theme is missing from the music collection. I’m sure Digital Eclipse & Capcom can add this via an update at later date. The only thing that lets the music player down for me is you have to click on all the track yourself to make them play. Another feature it lacks is the ability to listen to music while browsing through the database and museum options.

The real game changer of the collection is the all new challenge mode that allows players to experience these games in a totally new way. Each challenge has the player completing different tasks or small chunks of levels that are connected only by a time vortex. These challenges are a great to complete, and players can even watch other player’s replays! It’s fun seeing how experienced players are able to blast through challenges, as you can even pick up some new ways of playing by watching these replays.


Although there is over 50 challenges, access to them it locked off, you will have to complete several challenges before to unlock and play them, this means the less skilled player like myself, won’t ever get to see more than the first few challenges. This is an issue for me as this option has the ability increase the longevity of the game

If you want to relive your gaming child hood or just want to see how Mega Man started, then Mega Man Legacy Collection is an easy recommendation from me. The price of £11.99 is a great price for the release, considering how much you actually get with all six games, plus the bonus content you get, £11.99 is a bargain. You probably couldn’t pick up the original Mega Man & the NES console for that price with retro gaming bouncing back on to the market again. So I would head over to the Xbox Store and snap this retro classic up!

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  • 8/10
    Sounds - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Longevity - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Value - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10


Over all Mega Man Legacy collection is for the true retro gamer that loves to play the classics over and over again. The new HD graphics and sound should be enough to get you to buy it, However with the added bonus content its too good not to buy! The games are still as good as they were all them years ago from the original releases and this reproduction is a true credit to them

Just got to remember you on a Xbox One not NES this time round.

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