Tomb Raider: Alternative Gameplay

At Gamescom, during the Microsoft press conference, Crystal Dynamics kindly showed us footage of the upcoming Rise of  Raider title featuring its fair share of kills, seen here.

It wasn’t too long after that, that fans had expressed concerns about the game and that Lara’s story and strayed away from their original roots.

August 22nd, Microsoft, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics responded to these concerns with an alternative version of events that shows Lara progressing through the same area quietly. Noah Hughes, from Crystal Dynamics, walks the viewers though the scenario “Advancing Storm” without spilling a drop of blood.

Using different distraction techniques, you will be able to sneak past patrols of armed guards. Oh, that bow and arrow… isn’t just for killing.

Stealth or Strength, Brains or Brawn, which path will you choose in The Rise of the Tomb Raider?

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