Limited Editions – Amazing or Basically Just Coloured Plastic

Today i pose the above question. With all the awesome looking stuff coming out of Gamescon such as the Limited Edition Halo Console, Controllers and the Xbox Hard drive. Would you pay more for a Limited edition or Xbox branded product?

This came out of a Whatsapp group that i have with a group of friends of mine who game on the Xbox One, (Hi Adam, look im on the interwebz!) When one friend of mine and I lusted over the new Halo Limited Edition Console, so blinded by the blue eject button and grey hexagons that it took another friend to say it’s just “coloured plastic” So that got me thinking, which side of the fence do you sit on.

This is by no means a new question, Apple products carry the same question and day to day we may be more inclined to buy something because of a brand, for example Heniz Beans instead of a supermarkets own brand. The counter to the usual question is proven, usually, quality. We know Apple have a high standard and well Heinz beans are good for the heart so my 8 year old brother tells me, theres more to that rhyme but, well you know the rest.

So are you willing to whack down £399.99 for the new Halo Console? You’re going to say but Hallam (Thats my name by the way) It comes with a model and Halo 5 and other extras. I know this but im still torn.

If a new 1TB Xbox One costs approximately £350 obviously if youre a Halo Fan and you dont currently own an Xbox One then this is probably the bundle for you.


I have an Xbox One, i have Halo 5 Preordered, but i dont know if im willing to spend more money on something that i already have for what is essentially “coloured plastic”. Oh and Halo sound effects.

The controllers are currently available for pre-order at £54.99 which is £5 less than a standard controller AND plug and play kit.


So whats the deal? Does if cost more to make? Are we like nerds in a barrel drewling over the new peripherals?

So thats my question ladies and gents is it worth more because it looks pretty? If thats the case is Console Vinyl Wraps enough? These seem more and more popular, seen several popping up on the Xbox One UK facebook group.

With these stock wraps or even make you’re own custom ones as little as like £20 is this enough?

Halo isnt the only offender though various Microsoft partnerships have seen limited edition CoD:AW and Forza 6 limited consoles.

I’m not saying that these are bad ideas, im not even saying i dont like them, im simply posing the question. What is it that makes these limited edition consoles so appealing?


4 thoughts on “Limited Editions – Amazing or Basically Just Coloured Plastic

  • 09/08/2015 at 11:48 am

    Nice article…

    I find the quality aspect compelling. Sometimes you do get what you pay for and sometimes one thing does more than the other or just does the same much better. Changing the colour of the materials to make exactly the same thing is not a reason to spend. Unless you are making your first xbox purchase. Swapping existing for new is fucking nuts.

    Walk your own path design your own wrap or go really crazy and build your own box for it all to live in. Build it in to a halo head and have your disks eject out of the visor. Just my 2p

  • 09/08/2015 at 6:01 pm

    I think Limited Editions are really nice, it helps you stand out from the rest of them, and I am a Halo Fan, so I really do like these Limited Edition stuff, if I would actually buy them is a different story, because I just cannot afford that £400 price tag, as I already have an Xbox One, now if I was looking for a brand new one, maybe things would be different, but I still like Limited Edition stuff, they make great presents….

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