Reminder: Today Is The Last Day Of Destiny’s The Dawning


If you’ve not yet experienced Destiny’s most recent seasonal event, The Dawning, or if you’re missing the last few armour pieces for your collection then today is your last opportunity to get involved.

The Dawning went live on the 13th of December and has brought a festive feel to the Tower along with some new armour, ornaments, strike elements and weaponary.

While the weaponry, strike playlist scoring and ornaments will remain. The limited time cosmetic items, some of which are truly unique, will be gone at reset tomorrow.

The event itself has featured some nice little quest lines and cosmetic upgrades. However it is undoubtedly the Strike playlist scoring system, re-introduction of the Icebreaker sniper rifle and even to some degree the inclusion of daily Queen’s bounties (all elements introduced as The Dawning launched) that will have pleased the die hard Destiny fans the most.

What have you made of The Dawning? Is it one of the more successful Destiny events to date? Did Bungie play it extremely smart by introducing new main stay game play elements at the same time as the launch of the event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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About: Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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