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Battlefield 1

Guns, guns, guns. Without them, modern warfare would just be a lot of pushing and shoving. And Battlefield 1‘s guns are some of the meatiest, most believable around. We loved Battlefield 1 – and we think that it (more or less) nailed that delicate weapon balance in multiplayer from the off. We still hate shotguns though, and we can’t hit a barn door with the Martini-Henry.

You might have a different opinion – and here’s your chance to have your say. DICE’s chief weapons designer has taken to Reddit to ask for any and all feedback about the guns of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Guns Post

So far, over 300 eager fans have joined the conversation – so if you’ve got something niggling at the back of your brain, hop on over to the thread, post your comment or up-vote someone else’s.

“Oooh. Guns, guns, guns! C’mon, Sal! The Tigers are playing… tonight. I never miss a game.”
You know, I don’t remember Nolan Bushnell asking me what I thought about paddle speed in Pong. Game designers are so much more open now – after all, if we can feel that we’re part of something, then we’re much more likely to feel invested in it.

And we’re certainly invested in Battlefield 1 ; it’s every bit as good as Titanfall 2 in almost every area – minus giant robots – and when you feel you’re the tip of the spear, it’s one of the most dramatic gaming experiences of modern times.

Battlefield 1 is available from the Store, priced £54.99.

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