Demons Age


Bigmoon Entertainment recently announced their brand new title, Demons Age. This game brings together the characteristics of a classic RPG game (Role playing game) but with modern graphics and a stunning atmosphere.

You can take on the thrilling adventure either single player character mode or party mode where you get to explore and fight your way through the ancient ruins and mystical dungeons.

About Demons Age

Moragon has once again been invaded by Demons. The corrupted soldiers of the “Order” along with orcs and demons have swept the Peninsula of Moragon from north to south in a violent and bloody war against Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Men. The adventure begins when the player washes ashore along the coast of this war ridden peninsula and is thrown into intrigue full of tragedy and betrayal. In line with classic turn-based role-playing mechanics, Demons Age first tasks players to set up their character and later allows them to hire a party of diverse characters to help them on their adventure.

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Above is a collection of screenshots and art from Demons Age which is set to release in the first quarter of 2016 for Xbox one.

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One thought on “Demons Age”

  1. Demons? RPG? Will be added to my collection, for sure!

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