Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC Dated


Dead Rising 4’s next DLC has been dated and will be ready for download this coming April.

Titled ‘Frank Rising’ (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD), the single player DLC picks up with series star Frank West, having fallen to the effects of the virus, race against time to find a cure for himself. With this sees Frank in a zombie form, and with it brings new powers to your arsenal. Staying alive is the big change here, with Frank needing to do what all zombies do. Feed.

You’ll be able to pick up Frank Rising from April 11th, priced £7.99, or as part of the season pass. Capcom have also announced another DLC, Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. You can take your clubs and putt around the Willamette Mall and surroundings in either a single player mode or up to four players online. Whilst this is not dated yet, it will also come in at £7.99 or as part of the season pass.

If you’ve yet to check out Frank West’s fourth adventure, check out the trailer below to see what madness you’re missing!

Source: Eurogamer


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