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Pinball FX3 Trailer Launches – And You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Following ZEN Studios announcement of Pinball FX3 last month, today they’ve shown the world the first table from the ‘Universal Classics Pinball’ collection that will launch with the game. The table in question? It’s based on the seminal movie ‘JAWS’. The table includes Quint, shark cages, rafts, barrels and, of course, a ridiculously over-sized great white shark with enormous teeth and a taste for human flesh. JAWS is one of the three tables that will comprise the Universal Classics Collection, with the other two being based on ET – The Extra Terrestrial and Back to the Future respectively. The developer … Read More »

Infinite Minigolf Review

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and mini golf is awesome. It’s all the skill and precision of real golf but without the god awful clothing and the inherent snobbery that surrounds a clubhouse. Who cares about etiquette when you can have a few drinks, play a few holes and enjoy yourself? This has been a party political broadcast paid for by The Mini Golf For All Foundation. Joking aside, mini golf is an enjoyable activity for all ages, and one that appears to be making a resurgence in the gaming world. The last DLC for Dead … Read More »

Pinball FX 3 Announced

Zen Studios, developers of the previous Pinball FX titles, have announced today via facebook, that Pinball FX 3 will be coming to Xbox One this summer. Boasting plenty of new tables, new features and a welcoming tournament mode amongst other features, Pinball FX 3 is set to be the biggest and most community-driven title to date. What’s more, is if you already have a collection of tables from Pinball FX 2, you’ll be able to import the majority of them straight to Pinball FX 3 and take advantage of all the lovely new features. They haven’t specified if the original … Read More »

Infinite Minigolf Tees Off On Xbox One

Zen Studios have announced their latest title, Infinite Minigolf, will be heading to Xbox One. You may be more familiar with Zen Studios works with the more prominent Pinball FX in recent years. However, this isn’t their first foray into the minigolf market with previously developing Planet Minigolf for the PS3 in 2010. For this long awaited follow-up, you’ll have a lot more tools at your disposal with a custom course creator that offers what promises to be a wealth of options including enviroments, objects and course tiles. They’ll also be online multiplayer for up to 8 players standing alongside … Read More »

Pinball FX 2 Bethesda Pinball Review

Bethesda Softworks, to give them their proper name, has some pretty iconic intellectual property at their disposal. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow experience some of that in a new way? Well, we can, thanks to Bethesda Pinball, a collaboration between the publishing giant and Zen Studios, developer of Pinball FX2. On paper, bringing DOOM, Fallout and Skyrim to the pinball table is a masterstroke – it’s hard to think of three more visually distinct and arresting games of the last few years, and Zen Studios has a remarkable track record in delivering fun, playable and astonishingly good looking … Read More »

Pinball FX 2 Marvel’s Women Of Power Review

We all have guilty pleasures in life, those little things that we all love a bit more than we should, but embrace it and love it. For me it is pinball, there’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of. So you can now guess that I turned into a giddy child when I was told to review the latest table pack for Pinball FX 2 by Zen Studios. The fact that the pack in question is the  Marvel’s Women Of Power pack just added to my sheer giddiness. So, does this latest addition follow the extremely high standard … Read More »

Pinball FX2 The Force Awakens Review

Two new tables with a classic theme As you all may have heard, there’s a new Star Wars movie recently released that is nothing short of epic. With this in mind, Zen Studios have a brand spanking new pack available for you – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Once again they have done an excellent job in capturing the whole theme from the films, plus instead of just one table we find two that are simply brilliant to play. Time to put the Light Sabers down for a moment and see what the tables play like, these may just be … Read More »

Pinball FX2 Balls Of Glory Review

It’s not very often I see a pinball table that really REALLY grabs my attention but this latest DLC caught me hook, line and sinker. The genius minds at ‘Zen Studios’ have created the ‘Balls Of Glory’ pack which contains four of the most famous animation series ever: Family Guy American Dad Bob’s Burgers Archer   Let’s take a look at these tables up for offer and see what we think to them American Dad This is the first table we will look at and, oh my it is a beauty. They really have captured the theme from the TV … Read More »

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball Out Now

Starting today you will be able to get Plant’s vs. Zombies pinball on Xbox One for Pinball FX2. Zen Studios and Popcap Games made the announcement that their pinball collaboration would reach the Xbox One players today. This fan favourite table will fetch the eternal struggle between undead masses and floral forces to a new legion of Xbox fans. If you previously owned this pinball table on Xbox 360 you will be able to import it to the Xbox One for free and if you want this but didn’t own it previously, the price for this pinball table is only £2.49 in the … Read More »

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