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Are You Actually Ready For Destiny: Rise of Iron?

With Destiny: Rise of Iron less than 3 weeks away, the hype of Bungie’s latest expansions for guardians is almost at its peak.  Other than purchase the DLC, what else do you really need to do to prepare.  Honestly nothing!  You can go into Rise of Iron a clean slate and just play the game.  Some of us however are looking to get as high of a light level as possible since the raid Wrath of the Machine launches just 3 days later and since the initial light level cap is 385 – we all have some work to do to … Read More »

Destiny Raid Or No Raid?

Destiny has been a dominant force in the new Gen console market, coming into year 2 there was alot of excitement from the Destiny lovers as the game was changing “for the better” the previous expansions paved the way for alot of changes to try and find the right frame work for this FPSMMO (kind of) Year 2/The Taken King was for what most feel is the expansion that should have been there since day 1, the loot system has improved dramatically, larger vault space, more quests and missions, a new location in the Dreadnaught and of course a brand new raid! … Read More »

Destiny Year 2 Exotic Armour Review

We are only a day away from the official launch of The Taken King also dubbed Year 2, With this expansion has come a whole host of new mission, strikes, new light system, a new levelling system and not forgetting brand new exotics to chase after. Today ill be showing you some of the new exotic armour that’s coming your way. Ill be focusing on the perks in this review that are unique, each of these exotic armour pieces can be rolled with a random stats boost. Its down to you to look at each to see how to make … Read More »

Destiny: The Taken King New Weapons Up Close

Destiny will be getting a host of new content in the upcoming expansion, The Taken King. Check out some of the new toy’s coming to the game, in detailed high-resolution. Posted online by Bungie 3D artist Matt Lichy, the pictures show detailed close-ups of the Telesto, Suros, and Omolon rifles. The Telesto rifle was previously announced by Bungie, described as the following. “An end will come, Guardian. Bring it about sooner with Telesto, a vestige of the Queen’s Harbringers. This Fusion Rifle will attach projectiles to your foes and detonate with a delayed Void blast. Multikills with this weapon will drop Orbs … Read More »

Destiny: New Exotics Revealed

UBungie is well know for drumming up interest in their new DLC and The Taken King is in no way different at all! Bungie teased yesterday via Destinythegame their Instagram page that Xur: The agent of The Nine will be making an unscheduled stop to show off some of his new exotics he will be selling in “Year 2”, there was alot of confusion around this as people thought Xur may land in the tower completely out of character, this was cleared up straight away by Bungie where they clarified it was going to be revealed via Instagram! destinythegame My will is not my own, … Read More »

Destiny The Taken King: Details so far..

Gamescom is in full swing and with it came alot of brand new and exciting details of The Taken King from Bungie’s own Deej. There are alot of details that have been revealed from the exclusive from Game Informer but also a few that haven’t been shouted about! I will be giving you all the details on year 2 of my favourite shooter. These details are out there to find so I think its only right to get them all in 1 place, So lets kick this off: Legendaries Controversial Details have emerged from Gamescom that you will no longer be able … Read More »

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