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Ubisoft have recently announced that South Park: The Fractured But Whole has finally 'gone gold', meaning that work on the game is completely finished and is ready to be distributed. After suffering more than one delay, with people having the game on pre-order for well over a year - myself included, take peace in knowing that this will definitely release come October and there will be no more setbacks for the anticipated South Park sequel. To celebrate this fact, Ubisoft have treated us to a brand spanking new trailer of the game, which you can check out below. https://youtu.be/AHAA-MGIyjc South ... Read More »
As we're edging that bit closer to the second of Sonic's releases this year, we're slowly uncovering more and more news about the game. A new trailer was shown for Sonic Forces this week at The Tokyo Game Show, along with a DLC announcement. The DLC titled Episode Shadow, allows players to play as Shadow the Hedgehog in over ten of the stages you play as Sonic. Along with that, you'll get to see more about Forces villain, Infinite. Judging by the name of the DLC, is it possible that we will get more DLC featured around other characters from ... Read More »
Achievements have now been released for the Action-RPG multiplayer title Zombie Party. You can check out the full list of achievements below, where none of those are secret. Name Description Gamerscore Financial Stability! Have at least 5,000 gold in your bank account. 50 A Modest Living! Have at least 10,000 gold in your bank account. 100 Filthy Rich! Have at least 25,000 gold in your bank account. 150 Mr. Hoppy! Jump 50 times! 50 High Score! Break 1,000,000 points! 50 Pro Score! Break 5,000,000 points! 100 Sick Score! Break 10,000,000 points! 150 Defeat Zomboss! You defeated the infamous Zomboss! 50 ... Read More »
That's right folks, you heard that right. But any announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good thing right? Even though this is essentially an announcement of an announcement to come, which seems to be a growing trend with AAA titles. With that out of the way, whilst we haven't heard much to do with the game, we've had news of a delay, pushing the game back a little further into next year - but I'd rather take a delay than a mess of a game. This morning, Rockstar surprised us all with a very special tweet, which you ... Read More »
Achievements for Traveller's Tales latest LEGO game have been revealed, and as always with the LEGO titles, the achievements offer a combination of simply completing levels, defeating foes and huge collect-a-thons in order to unlock. There are no secret achievements for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game and the full list can be viewed below. Name Description Gamerscore Master of Poultry Complete Training Dojo 10 Master of Missiles Complete Location 1 - Ninjago City North 10 Master of Regret Complete Location 2 - Ninjago City Beach 10 Master of Forgiveness Complete Location 3 - Ninjago City Docks 10 Master of ... Read More »
At the upcoming weekly reset for Destiny 2, the factions from Destiny 1 are returning.  Factions Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult are going to be in the Tower and will be giving everyone a world wide competition.  Guardians will pledge their loyalty, one faction per character not account, and doing events and missions in Destiny 2 will earn tokens towards their aligned faction.  At the end of event on 3 October, 2017, the faction that got the most support from the entire player base will offer a powerful weapon for sale.  If you were aligned with the ... Read More »
Squid face is back and again has a top tier weapon for the guardians of Destiny 2.  This is looking like Destiny 1 all over where Xur sells all the good stuff in the first couple weeks so definitely get the Wardcliff Coil.  Last week he stayed until reset but we aren't sure if that is as Bungie wanted or if there was a bug since Bungie had issues at reset this past week.  Either way, hurry and grab that weapon. Agent of the Nine, Xûr Description: Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios too valuable to risk. Location: ... Read More »
Lone developer Zack Bell of ZackBell Games offers his first entry to the Xbox One with his game, INK - which was first released on PC back in August 2015. Having now ported it over to Xbox two years later, how does it fair? INK is a platformer at heart, taking obvious inspiration from Super Meat Boy, but with a twist. An infuriating twist at that. The idea is to make your square get to the end of the level by touching the exit square. It all sounds simple enough but there's a slight problem, which so happens to be ... Read More »
Resident Evil 7 brought the franchise back to greatness and now Capcom have announced the latest piece of DLC for the game. The best thing about the DLC, called Not A Hero, apart from the new monsters of course is the fact that it is free. Not A Hero takes place straight after the events of Resident Evil 7 and sees you head down into a mine. The environment is claustrophobic and terrifying, and it also looks fantastic. There are some brand new monsters for you to sink your bullets into and they are as horrifying as you would expect. ... Read More »

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