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Today, NetherRealm have announced which three characters will be coming to Injustice 2 in the second fighter pack, having finished the first set featuring Starfire, Subzero and Red Hood. Two of the fighters have previously been rumoured/ hinted at and the third one is certainly a surprise addition to the roster. Raiden from Mortal Kombat, Black Manta and Hellboy, which is actually from Dark Horse Comics, although a previous DC storyline featured Hellboy in th cross-over. There is no release date for the first fighter as of yet, but expect a preview of Black Manta, this coming Sunday, where NetherRealm ... Read More »
Most gamers like to feel immersed in the games that they play. So they have a couple of options to choose from: Get a sound system installed, whether it be a soundbar or surround sound speakers. Or the other alternative is to whack on some headphones, eliminating the need to fiddle with troublesome speakers. The problem gamers have, is deciding which headsets to go for, considering there's a wide range of them, and for different budgets. Especially with the gradual increase in technology, upgrading your headset is essential if you want the best experience. Today we're reviewing the Venom Marauder ... Read More »
With only a couple weeks to go, Bungie have released a launch trailer for the anticipated Destiny sequel. Shown during this weeks Gamescom event, Guardians can look forward to heaps of content, with the developers presumably, learning from past mistakes. Whilst you can check out the trailer below, you can still pre-order Destiny 2 from the Xbox Store and is also now available to pre-download. https://youtu.be/hdWkpbPTpmE Are you ready to take on the fight, Guardians? Or will you hang fire and wait to see if it's worth investing into again? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.  ... Read More »
Bethesda have announced that the fast approaching Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, will be part of Play Anywhere. This means if you purchase the game on Xbox One, you'll also be able to play on PC and vice versa. That's not the only good news for gamers as the title will feature cross-saving. Start your journey on PC, continue on Xbox One. Bethesda have also released a new developer diary trailer, United We Stand which offers insight into BJ Blazkowicz and the characters of the anticipated sequel. Speaking about BJ, Bethesda said; "At his side is the entirety of the ... Read More »
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch. Well according to a post by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman on the battle.net forums she could be getting some big changes. Posted in a thread all about change ideas for D.Va, Goodman laid out some of the big changes that the development team have been working on for the character. One of the biggest changes will be to D.Va's defense matrix. The energy drain on it will be halved. This means that players will be able to rely on it less when running and gunning. It also means that D.Va ... Read More »
Square Enix have confirmed that one of 2015's greatest games, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will receive a range of enhancements for the upcoming Xbox One X. Branded as 'The highest fidelity Tomb Raider ever,' here's what to expect when playing on Microsoft's new powerhouse machine. You will of course be able to experience the title in native 4k, which leads the charge with the graphical improvements of the enhanced update. However, there will be three visual modes on offer to players. Along with 4k, there's a new high frame rate to offer the smoothest experience to date for Lara. As ... Read More »
If you're old enough to remember the Amiga classic Pipe Mania, SwapQuest may seem somewhat familiar to you. However, developers Rebusmind have gone with an unusual twist on the puzzler and turned it into an RPG, but does this unique blend of genres connect as well as it should? You play as one of two protagonists, Wilma or Wilbert set in the land of Aventana and it is down to these two unlikely heroes to save the kingdom from an unknown force. There is a little 16-bit style introduction to the story at the beginning of the game, but after ... Read More »
In an era where we're inundated with survival-based video games, you need to bring something new to the table to lure in fans of the genre. Sparking much controversy, the game features nudity, allowing you to set your bust or endowment size, although the review copy censors the lower genitals with trusty underpants. Shame, but it's not a deciding factor. Will Conan Exiles survive long enough to succeed? Currently in the Game Preview program, Conan Exiles sees you creating your male or female character, completely customising facial attributes, and even go so far as to providing them with a religion for ... Read More »
With Gamescom now in full swing, our trusted Major Nelson has not forgotten to reveal the latest deals and spotlight sale games for us. This week sees a range of Bethesda titles receiving the discount treatment. But that's not all with a rather decent looking list overall for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Check out the full deals below: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES 2Dark* Xbox One Game 70% DWG Aven Colony* Xbox One Game 25% DWG Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One Game 50% Spotlight Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition Xbox One Game 50% Spotlight ... Read More »

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