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Xbox One X High Sales Figures

It seems Microsoft has had good news as the Xbox One X has seen sales of 80,000 units in its first week on sale in the UK, according to figures released by GamesIndustry.biz today.  To put that into context, the PS4 Pro sold 50,000 units during its first week on sale last November – making the Xbox One X ahead. The Nintendo Switch sold comparable numbers to the Xbox One X. Although it is worth noting that both the Switch and PS4 Pro reportedly had stock issues on launch. Some reported delivery issues, mainly from Amazon although the majority seemed to have received their consoles … Read More »

Wargaming Exec Confirms World Of Tanks Will Be Coming To Xbox Scorpio in Native 4k

If you are planning to get your hands on Xbox Project Scorpio, (or whatever Microsoft decide to call the upcoming console) but were worried you wouldn’t be able to get your tank-on-tank combat fix with the new console then we have some great news for you. TJ Wagner, Executive Producer at Wargaming, (the developers of hugely popular MMO World of Tanks) recently confirmed during a Reddit Q/A that World of Tanks would be getting the 4k treatment. In case you haven’t heard of it, World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare in the … Read More »

Latest Xbox Project Scorpio Price Leaked And It’s Much Higher Than Before

Since it emerged that Spanish Retailer Xtralife had a placeholder for the Xbox Project Scorpio for €399 there has been much debate as to whether that price was a genuine indication of what we could expect or far too low for what will be a premium console. The latest price leak puts the Xbox Project Scorpio at a level far nearer the price that has been anticipated. In a recent article, Gametransfers announced that it had found greek online retailer Public.GR has the console at $600 or around £460. This sits much more in line with the noise coming from Microsoft themselves who … Read More »

Has Xbox Scorpio Price Been Revealed?

It’s a question that has been asked ever since Microsoft first announced that they were developing the Scorpio – how much will it cost? Well, it appears that a sharp-eyed twitter user has uncovered just what Price the Xbox Scorpio will be hitting the shelves at. Spanish retailer XtraLife (via DesiXBL) is advertising the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console with a €399 price tag which at today’s exchange rate would be around £335 in the UK. That price is far less than the £600-700 mark that was being touted a few weeks ago when Digital Foundry released the specs. At the moment the … Read More »

Cliff Bleszinski Isn’t A Fan Of The Xbox Scorpio

At E3 this year Microsoft announced that they would be releasing a brand new console, the Xbox Scorpio. This new console will be an advancement on the Xbox One with the ability to play games in stunning 4K and will also be compatible with VR. All of this coming with a whole lot more horse power under the hood. But not everyone is a fan. In a recent interview Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War fame (he had just a little input into the first three games in the franchise) gave us his opinion on the new console and he … Read More »

Project Scorpio: Microsoft Reveals New Xbox At E3!

Microsoft has promised that no one will be left behind as it revealed Project Scorpio to an explosive E3 crowd. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you heard it, a brand new Xbox console is on its way and its name is Scorpio. Despite this, Phil Spencer has assured us all that the original Xbox One console will not be left behind and neither will the new Xbox One S, all these consoles will be compatible with one another playing the exact same games. Project Scorpio will allow developers to make games that support 4K Ultra HD, a standard of graphical … Read More »

Latest Competition

Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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