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Xbox store has launched its weekly sale, precious pounds saved off some of the latest games. There is bound to be something that catch your eye and the price tag being reduced will definitely make it much more appealing.  Some of the deals are only available to Xbox Live subscribers, so keep an eye out for that if you don’t already subscribe. The discounts will be available until Monday 30th of April 2018 – You even have time to umm, and aww over some games and with a payday coming up, might help make the purchase decision easier! What’s on … Read More »

Microsoft’s streaming style subscription service for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, is set for another big month. As normal we have the usual new additions, but we also have the second game to be released alongside their respective sale date. State of Decay 2. Which is one of Xbox One’s bigger exclusives this year. The game will be available on Xbox One for Game Pass subscribers, and it actually supports cross-platform multiplayer between Pc users as well, It launches on May 22. Other additions arrive right on 1st of may and include:- May 2018 Xbox Game Pass Lineup May 1 The … Read More »

Developer Rebellion has finally dropped an official release date for its co-op shooter Strange Brigade. Announced at E3 2017 It will now release on the 28th of August on Xbox One with Collector’s and Digital Deluxe versions also available. The game is set in 1930s Egypt. The Strange Brigade discovers an army of mummies set out to kill, and the Strange Brigade are the only people who can stop them. Rebellion says “The game will throw treacherous traps, puzzles, and hordes of monsters your way.” The third-person shooter arms each of the four characters with their own supernatural powers and … Read More »

It’s been a good year and a half since Battlefield 1 launched. DICE has released multiple DLC  and content updates, and have now revealed that in June they will be adding a new mode called Shock Operations. It will focus on one single map but will still feature sector-by-sector combat. It supports 40 players, and will be played on five maps. The Maps Themselves are all maps from previous released map packs, but DICE is opening Shock Operations to everybody, meaning that the mode is a way to try out the maps for free. Finally, recent reports have suggested that the … Read More »

Today Bungie will show off the next expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind. A brief teaser has been dropped to show you a taste of what to expect. The teaser focuses on three things of the second expansion: Mars Hellas Basin, which looks to be a new location for you to explore; the Hive Escalation Protocol, which looks to be a call back to Halo: ODST firefight mode, Something that the destiny community has been crying out for, and finally upgraded exotic weapons and other updates coming to Crucible. Bungie’s livestream for Destiny 2: Warmind will air 6:00 pm on Twitch. The … Read More »

We all know by now that the long-awaited zombie multiplayer survival game DayZ will be released sometime this year. Eugen Harton, Lead Producer of DayZ stated that the game is also looking at the option to support 1080p and 60fps. Here is what he said: “Currently we’re mostly talking about supporting 4K and enabling 1080p 60FPS gameplay. We will, however, confirm all the enhancements once the time comes, the Xbox One X is powerful enough to render high-end AAA games at native 4K – DayZ is not an AAA production, but it runs nicely in 4K on Xbox One X while offering a visual … Read More »

With such a huge focus over screen resolution with Xbox One X and it’s ability to do true 4K with relative ease, refresh rate is every bit as important to create smooth gameplay.  Right now Microsoft’s consoles peak at 60FPS but the bar is about to be set higher next month. In the upcoming May update, Xbox One X will be able to deliver a 120hz refresh rate.  This doubles the current capacity of the console and will give those with highest end televisions and PC monitors the ability to better utilize the tech they have invested into. There is … Read More »

First releasing back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V is still as popular as ever, and has now made more money than any other video game, book, or film. Even with developer Rockstar‘s next game Red Dead Redemption 2 on its way, GTA V‘s online component still receives continuous updates, and now it appears Rockstar want to entice new players to the virtual world of Los Santos with the announcement of a Premium Online Edition of the game. Despite what the title suggests, this is the full blown GTA experience that includes the critically acclaimed single player as well as the online mode. The aim of … Read More »

Slightly earlier than usual, (perhaps knowing Summer is on the way has put the team at Microsoft in a good mood) Games with Gold for May have been announced. Available on May 1st for Xbox One Super Mega Baseball 2: This is a brand new title and the follow up to the enjoyable Super Mega Baseball. Available on May 1st for Xbox 360 Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage: If you enjoy playing old skool, side-scrolling beat-em-up then the Streets of Rage collection will keep you as happy as a hooligan in a plastic chair factory. Available on May 16th for … Read More »

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