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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Trailer Reveals Some Interesting Things

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta trailer was released recently and in true fashion it told us very little. But fans have done what fans do and picked the trailer apart to see what they can see and in the end they did manage to find a few things that we can expect. By slowing down the trailer they were able to pick apart the transition scenes to see what was hidden within. The first thing was the tower from the original trailer which is nothing new. We already know that Blackout, the battle royale mode will feature … Read More »

Dead Space 4 What could have been

Dead Space is survival horror game that combined elements of Resident Evil and Space and together they made a beautiful horror game.  The game play was brilliant, especially the zero G environments and puzzles.  The monsters and graphics were very cool as well was the story filled with good depth with twists and turns. What starts as a routine repair mission for Isaac Clarke, definitely takes a turn for the worst as you delve deeper into the story.   It was definitely something different, which thrived on your fear and nerves.  The sound was very much alive and if played … Read More »

Vigor Launches On Xbox Early Access

The craze of survival shooting with a touch of betrayal has taken off thanks to the likes of DayZ.  Well developer of DayZ, Bohemia Interactive, their latest in survival shooting is now available to play through Xbox Early Access and it’s called Vigor. Vigor takes place in a post nuclear detonation zone in central Europe.  With a focus on survival through gathering materials as well as crafting, it is the goal to build their shelter as best they can.  The shelter mechanics appear to be a main focus on overall progression. Vigor is in the Xbox Store for £15.99.  Xbox One … Read More »

Microsoft Rolls Out Game Pass Tab On Xbox One

Since releasing the Xbox Game Pass way back in June last year, Microsoft has been adding titles each month and the icing on the cake is that all Microsoft own games such as Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and soon to be Crackdown 3 are all available on Gamepass the same day it releases. Its common knowledge that accessing the Gamepass games can be a bit problematic, going through different submenus to access what you want to look into can be quite tiresome. The Entertainment tab has now disappeared from the Xbox One dashboard and all entertainment content has been transferred … Read More »

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Xbox One X) Review

From the very moment you start up Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, it’s made crystal clear that you’re in for, as the voice of villain Cortex declares, “a smashing blast from the past” as we see everyone’s favourite marsupial literally being remade by leaping into a machine humourlessly titled Vicarious Visions, the studio behind this stunning remake. Bringing the original Crash Bandicoot series into the current generation, the N. Sane Trilogy manages to recapture the zany spirit and tough challenge of the original series in a gorgeous new visual style that’s bound to please those who grew up with he series alongside those … Read More »

Devil’s Hunt Announced for Xbox One

There are no shortage of games to look forward to in the near future with the latest recently being announced by publisher 1C Company and newcomer Polish developers Layopi Games: Devil’s Hunt. The new announcement also came with a teaser-trailer that, while unsurprisingly not showing any gameplay, offers an interesting tonal setting of hell where protagonist Desmond has the ability to decide the fate of humanity with his demonic powers. According to the game’s listing on the publisher’s website, the game is based on the Polish fantasy novel Equilibrium and will see players locked in a conflict between Demons and Angels where the outcome … Read More »

For Honor Season VII: Storm and Fury

Ubisoft’s Medival Fighting game is about to hit Season VII titled Storm and Fury. Arriving on the 2nd of August on Xbox as a free update, it will Feature a new map that can be played in Tribute, Skirmish, Elimination, Brawl, and Duel modes. A rework of two old-school heroes this time around the Warden and Valkyrie. Not Forgetting tweaks to the progression and ranking systems, adding new legendary gear, raising the Reputation level cap to 60, adding Master and Grand Master divisions to the rankings, and making ranked Duels available outside of tournaments. Ubisoft will also be running a new Hero Trial offer from The … Read More »

To game and eat or not to game and eat

Everyone is different, brought up with different ethics, house rules, cleanliness and hygiene.  We all do things in our own way but when it comes to some things. we might be split. Now what we want to direct your thoughts and attentions to are: During a heavy gaming session with your friend/Co-pilot/Co-Gamer/Wing-man/person / Brother/Sister in Arms,  we will all get that little pang for munchies! I mean like who doesn’t? Crisps, Peanuts, Pizza, Chips, Burgers, the odd kebab here and there. It’s all part of the gaming experience and the ingredients for a great night in! (Yes! I really cheesily … Read More »

Microsoft Is Making Two Next Gen Consoles

Project Scarlett Cloud, We’ve known for a while now that this is the code name for Microsofts super secret new console but it’s not for the console you thought it was going to be for. Recent information has come to light, and thanks to the reliable people over at Thurrott they reported that Xbox is working on a second console that will be much cheaper in price and works as a streaming console. Utilizing cloud technology to provide high-quality gaming with little computational power from the box itself. Think of it as a Netflix style game console. The other console will, of course, … Read More »

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