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Black Mirror – Xbox One Review

Back in 2003, developer Future Games introduced us to The Black Mirror. It was a third-person point and click adventure that was based around horror themes and mystery. Developer KING Art is rebooting the classic for modern-day consoles with Black Mirror. This newest adaptation takes place years before the original game. What was made to be a continuation of the horror and mystery leaves players wondering if the real horror and mystery is the overall finished quality of the game itself.  With what has amazing promise is marred by development issues as well as some jarring animations. Black Mirror puts … Read More »

Bethesda Adds Xbox One X Enhancements In Latest Updates For Skyrim & Fallout 4

The list of titles being enhanced to run on the Xbox One X continues to grow at a frantic pace. Today Bethesda announced that it has given two of it’s most popular titles the premium treatment in it’s latest free updates. From today The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 will support 4k and dynamic resolution. In addition to this Fallout 4 gets enhanced draw distances for objects and enhanced god ray effects. This is not the first Xbox One X upgrade for a Bethesda game. The Elder Scrolls got the treatment earlier this month with native 4k … Read More »

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds Xbox One Hard Drive Requirements

Back at E3 when it was announced that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds would be coming to Xbox One, it was a large jump for the console community to have the opportunity to be a part of a large open world environment with so many other players.  On top of that, the game will be taking advantage of the Xbox One X as well as the Xbox One S giving players who own those consoles access to beautiful HDR color.  With that though like all games we have to consider how much space a game is going to steal from our hard drives. Well … Read More »

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Coming To Xbox One?

Back when the most recent console generation shift happened, Xbox One players got their hands on Assassin’s Creed Unity which was the first title in the series for the new hardware.  However, back when Unity came out, another title for Xbox 360 came out called Assassin’s Creed Rogue which appears that it might be getting some polish put on it for a re-release. A Twitter account know as AccesstheAnimus has found that several Italian online retailers have posted sales pages for Assassin’s Creed Rogue for Xbox One.  Seeing as Assassin’s Creed Origin’s has gotten the full 4K and HDR treatment … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Appears In Assassin’s Creed

Do you remember a few months back, when Assassin’s Creed crossed over into Final Fantasy? You do? Good! This time, tides have turned, with a rather thought-provoking discovery has been made. Now, the footage of the Easter Egg is currently blocked off in the game, but a cunning PC gamer managed to manipulate the cameras and by using a camera cheat, they managed to access a hidden area of the map. This area is home to a secret room, that of which the Easter Egg is found in. We’re thinking that it will be released in an upcoming update. Within the room, the … Read More »

Ashes Cricket – Xbox One Review

Ashes Cricket by Big Ant Studios is a sports game which attempts to recreate the passion, drama, and excitement of the annual cricket Test Series held between England and Australia. Ashes Cricket is an officially licensed game of the tournament and is the evolution of the Don Bradman Cricket series. Ashes Cricket includes all the official players of both the men’s and women’s team as well as cricket grounds of England and Australia. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to have played the last Ashes game developed by 505 Games will be pleased to know that this is a lot better. … Read More »

Games With Gold For December Revealed

Decembers offerings in the Games with Gold program have been revealed. These games are free for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. December #GamesWithGold starts the month off with Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide and Child of Eden – free for Xbox Live Gold members https://t.co/a2WdjaOM7s pic.twitter.com/IIBSdOzHSp — 🦃 Larry Hryb (@majornelson) November 22, 2017 From 1st-31st of December you will be able to download Warhammer: End Times- Vermintide. Then from December 16th to January 15th you will be able to download Back to the Future: The Game- 30th Anniversary Edition. For the Xbox 360 you will be able … Read More »

More Details About Destiny 2’s Curse Of Osiris DLC

With players getting even more eager for new experiences in Destiny 2, Bungie is definitely driving the hype train with their weekly streams showing more and more of what players can expect in the first expansion called Curse of Osiris. This most recent livestream showed off Mercury and what players can expect out of end game content. We have already heard of the raid lairs and seen the Lighthouse but here is even more that guardians will be up against on 5 December 2017. First off Mercury is like all the other planets in that it is grand in scope … Read More »

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Gets First Expansion

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to 2014’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (you can read our review here) and it has taken what was great about the first game and made it even better. Yesterday Middle Earth: Shadow of War got its first big paid for expansion as well as a whole host of other free additions. The paid for expansion is called the Slaughter Tribe Nemesis expansion and will cost you £11.99 from the Xbox Store. This expansion introduces the Slaughter tribe to Mordor and they are the most brutal band of orcs yet. They bring … Read More »

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Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

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