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So by now it's likely you've played Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1 but what other Betas can you sign up for this year? Well we have you covered. Of course firstly there is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2  and COD: Infinite Warfare But here are 3 others we think is worth having a play with. Gwent Are you a fan of The Witcher? Then you probably already know the ins-and-outs of Gwent, but that’s about to change. A standalone Gwent game is on its way thanks to CD Projekt, and the Beta will arrive in september. Wondering how to join? our Sign up for the ... Read More »
With E3 firmly in the past and Gamescom and EGX almost here our attentions head to the near future, And all the up coming titles we began salivating over. With many big name games such as Titanfall been revealed with release dates a few months away, some people me included – just can’t wait to play them. Well if that’s the case these Developers have you covered, in the form of Open/closed Beta testing. That's right, hop on over to the following sites, and sign up for your chance to have a go at these big upcoming 2016 titles whilst helping iron ... Read More »

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Danger Zone Review

If there was ever a game I have fond memories of, it's that of the Burnout series. Specifically that of the Crash Mode where...

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