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Xbox One backwards compatible functionality has been available to all since earlier this month, and now Microsoft have put together a list of 14 Xbox Live Arcade games that they describe as the “coolest”. While that doesn’t always mean the best, you’ll no doubt be in for good times after starting one of these up. Banjo-Kazooie Beyond Good and Evil HD Castle Crashers Doom Earthworm Jim HD Ikaruga Metal Slug 3 Monkey Island: Special Edition N+ Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX+ Perfect Dark Plants vs. Zombies R-Type Dimensions Super Meat Boy If you notice a game here that’s not yet in … Read More »

How’re you find the New Xbox One Experience? Because whether you’re enjoying it or not you’re stuck with it from now until February. Commenting on Larry “MajorNelson” Hyrb’s podcast, director of program management Mike Ybarra gave an approximate time-frame of February for when the next big update will be implemented. The wait is due to the Christmas and Holiday period, when Microsoft predict increased sales in their console and therefore wish to keep the platform as stable as possible. New features might also get in the way for those who simply want to play some new games. Backwards compatibility was another topic … Read More »

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter yesterday and a flurry of tiny bits of news has followed. First he answers fans’ questions about news on Xbox One backwards compatibility. After promising that news on the matter would release this week and with this week being very much almost over, his tweets at least seem to point to the adage that no news is good news. @MWorldII I know, I seem to be bad at predicting news,sorry. Making good progress on BC, no issues. Just working through rights. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 27, 2015 @CorpRoberts I talked to team, … Read More »

E3 seems like it was yesterday but actually it’s gone quite fast considering Gamescom is literally next week, but I’m not here to tell you about Gamescom just yet! I’m here to talk about the most jaw dropping announcement from Microsoft’s E3 Conference in my opinion, yes you guessed it by the title Xbox One’s backwards compatibility and how it will not be 100% backwards compatible. Agreed, we all want to see every Xbox 360 game backwards compatible but that is unlikely as Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Kudo Tsunoda explains why we won’t see every game to OXM. Here is what … Read More »

It’s time for a news round up once again! Like metaphorical sheep the news can wander about the hills of the internet, and if you’re not around at the right time it can gambol off to never be seen again, and you’ll be sad for having not seen the sheep. Or the news. So we’re going to put the week’s biggest sheep biggest news in this one pen for your perusing. And we promise to not mention sheep again. ______________________________________________ Low frame rates? High frame rates? Jagged frame rates? Try adding an extra CPU core. Xbox One Extra CPU Core … Read More »

Yesterday morning, Burnout Paradise developers Criterion Games updated their Twitter feed with promising news for fans of the Xbox 360 racer. Yes, we ARE talking to Microsoft about making XBox 360 Burnout Paradise available on XBox One via backwards-compatibility! More news soon! — CriterionGames (@CriterionGames) July 6, 2015   Announced at this year’s E3, Xbox One’s new backwards compatibility feature is promised to be supported by over 100 hundred titles by the end of 2015; currently there are only 22 games playable to the Xbox Preview program members who can access the feature. Burnout Paradise, the fifth game in the Burnout series, allowed players to … Read More »

Summer’s here! I’m sure of it. Behind the grey clouds I keep seeing the sun and after the occasional rain shower things seem to warm up a little. In the past, summer months have typically been the quietest for video games with few major releases and not so much in the way of news, but that’s a trend that’s slowly been changing over the past few years. Certainly this week there’s been plenty of news, and the most talked about for many gamers has to be the controversy of Bungie’s perceived mistreatment of long-time Destiny fans. All our articles on the topic are below, … Read More »

Of all the announcements at Xbox’s E3 press conference, perhaps the most surprising of all was the news that the Xbox One is now backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. It’s true that, for the time being, only Xbox Preview members can access this feature, and only on a small selection of games. Yet, it sends a clear signal that Microsoft is keen to reclaim some of the support from it’s fans during the previous console generation, those that felt overlooked when the Xbox One’s reveal was made and the headline features were being able to Skype your friend while watching Star Trek, … Read More »

After weeks of build up E3 finally came and, on the whole, it did not disappoint. Unless you count the fact that we only got a fleeting glimpse of Phil Spencer’s ‘Rare’ T-shirt, which leaves us with the question of whether or not he’ll pull his infrequently used trick at Gamescom – coming on stage with on T-shirt, disappearing to let someone else speak, then coming back with another on. We’re not obsessed, honest! Considering the veritable deluge of news this week, we’re going to collect everything – yes, everything – we’ve covered this past week in this one handy space, dividing it … Read More »

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