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Recently members on our Community Group and Reddit have complained about Xbox Live having Issues with Core Services going down and frequent outages. Some members suggested that we should get 'Compensation' because of it. With the problem hopefully behind them, Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed on Reddit that he will discuss compensation for users of some sort for the downtime He had this to say. I've taken some of the more thoughtful comments and shared them with a few folks on the Xbox team to make them aware of this request. That's about all I've got right now - but when I ... Read More »
Earlier this week Xbox Live Rewards hinted that they had a "BIG" announcement coming soon in relation to their 5 year anniversary celebrations. https://twitter.com/XboxLiveRewards/status/673989196416196613 Well today they have started sending out emails to Xbox Live Rewards members with more details on what to expect throughout the second half of this month. Thanks to your dedication to Xbox, you've been able to earn some exceptional Rewards over the last five years. And to commemorate the occasion, take part in our five-year anniversary celebration for some grab-ready Rewards that you just can't miss! Last week, we started celebrating early when we secretly ... Read More »
Xbox Live Rewards have hinted that "Something BIG is coming soon" as part of their 5 year anniversary celebration. https://twitter.com/XboxLiveRewards/status/673989196416196613 While it isn't much to go on, they recently sent out gift cards to selected VIP members. When asked by various followers on Twitter if this was a US exclusive giveaway, Xbox Live Rewards responded by saying "Winners were chosen at random from our global VIP community. This is just the start of what we're giving away, though!". We'll be making sure we keep a close eye on this story and Keeping you updated with any further developments. Don't forget ... Read More »
The discerning Xbox fans amongst you will no doubt have signed up for Xbox Live Rewards. For the uninitiated, it's a service that rewards you for buying games and other media from the Xbox Store, in the form of Microsoft Account rebates. Obviously, it's nothing huge. Usually it amounts to a couple of quid here and there, but every little helps right? Anyway, Xbox Live Rewards is running a promotion right now that rewards you for buying the latest exclusive titles. Between 27th October and the 7th January, if you purchase any or all of the following games - Halo ... Read More »

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