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It looks like Xbox Live is STILL experiencing some issues, with folks unable to join friends in matchmaking or even using some apps such as YouTube. The support website is confirming that there are issues into which they are looking at.   Of course we support Mircosfot but this is not the first time It’s happened recently What should Microsoft do to put this latest issue right for paying subscribers? Let us know in the comments! Make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group and follow on Twitter and Twitch for all the latest Xbox One news, … Read More »

Ah, the time of Christmas. A time of cheer, a time of wonder, a time of frantic holiday gaming and now apparently also a time of fervent hacking to remove the ability to game. With memories of Lizard Squad last year it is understandable to be worried in the run up to the holiday season, and it would seem today that worry is a necessary one to hold. Key Xbox Live services have been rendered unusable today, and a hacking group known only as ‘Phantom Squad’ has claimed responsibility. ‘Xbox Live #Offline’ claims the official twitter of the Phantom Squad. … Read More »

Update: Xbox Live has returned to normal operations (this update 23:15 GMT). No official word on the cause, although a number of hacking groups have claimed responsibility, the timings of the claims are somewhat suspect. More information as we have it. The original story is below, posted at 20:37 today. ~~ Xbox Live is currently down for the second time this week.  Here is a report from Xbox.com This is all we have to tell you at the moment, We hope it’s back online soon. If you’re having Issues leave us a reply. Hackers called Phantom Squad are trying to … Read More »

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