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For those looking to look back to traditional American wood paneled station wagons, porn style mustaches, and punishingly difficult puzzlers, look no further than Serial Cleaner. Developed by iFun4All, Serial Cleaner puts players in the shoes of a 1970's ear criminal that is hired by other deplorables to clean up murder scenes before the police are able to properly conduct their investigation of the crime. Feeling like Hotline Miami and offering some nostalgia of Metal Gear Solid, you are expected to avoid police, collect evidence, load dead bodies in your station wagon, and vacuum up blood (wonder if that actually ... Read More »
Major Nelson has taken to Twitter to reveal two more Xbox 360 titles that have now become part of the backwards compatible library for Xbox One. First up we have Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. Probably wasn't at the top of many peoples list but if you didn't check out the 2011 FPS upon its release, now your chance. And secondly a bit of a random one, F1 2014 zooms into the library. Whay this edition specifically no one knows. But bear in mind it's down to the publishers who make these games backwards compatible and NOT Microsoft. https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/884804691405799424 And ... Read More »
Well the 4th of July Deals with Gold sale is underway folks! It could be described as many things primarily as, well to be honest, exceedingly underwhelming..... Usually the Xbox team go all out during the big occasions but this time the DwG sale seems an after thought, who knows maybe the whole team is enjoying the national holiday? Or perhaps there will be a specific 4th of July sale, either way let's go down to the (limited) deals. Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Xbox One Game 50% Spotlight Attack on ... Read More »
A little over an hour ago the Xbox UK Twitter account confirmed what games players can expect to receive for free as part of July's Games with Gold lineup. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Kane & Lynch 2 lead your #GamesWithGold this July ☀️ https://t.co/K7JteFcyri pic.twitter.com/TdFF3p1oZ7 — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) June 27, 2017 As can be seen from the images above leading the way for the Xbox One camp are Ubisoft's Grow Up and Canadian indie darling Runbow. Over at the Xbox 360 camp though things are a little more blockbuster and AAA. First up is IO Interactive's Kane & ... Read More »
Major Nelson has revealed the latest Deals with Gold and spotlight sale games to get the discount treatment. However, there's a trend appeared in recent weeks. The Xbox 360 sale is dwindling in numbers to an extent that we have more digits on one hand than that of games on sale. What could this mean? Check out the full list below: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES 2Dark* Xbox One Game 50% DWG Castle Invasion: Throne Out* Xbox One Game 33% DWG Crypt of the Serpent King* Xbox One Game 33% DWG DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last ... Read More »
Major Nelson has today released the latest list of Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale titles. It's quite a chunky selection including various DLC packs, Hitman and the rather excellent backward compatible titles Dead Space 2 and 3. Check out the full list below: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES #IDARB Xbox One Game 80% Spotlight #IDARB: Tightwad Edition Xbox One Game 80% Spotlight #KILLALLZOMBIES Xbox One Game 70% Spotlight 1000 Neverwinter Zen Add-On 10% Spotlight 11000 Neverwinter Zen Add-On 25% Spotlight 2000 Neverwinter Zen Add-On 15% Spotlight 23000 Neverwinter Zen Add-On 33% Spotlight 5300 Neverwinter Zen ... Read More »
When you think of free to play games, you’ll likely think of titles that are not up to scratch or those that are synonymous with the infamous micro-transactions. However, F2P has become much more mainstream over the last decade, mainly owing to the surge in smartphone technology. And this is a trend that home consoles are slowly starting to recreate with recent titles such as Paladins and Gems of War. Cue Crossout, a fully fledged F2P post-apocalyptic MMO. Not exactly the genre you would expect from something that comes for free, but can this brave attempt strengthen the reputation of the ... Read More »
Major Nelson has revealed this weeks new deals with gold and the latest spotlight sale for us to feast our gaming eyes at. There's a wide variety on offer this week from the Forza Horizon series to season passes. Check out the full list below for both Xbox One and Xbox 360: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Anima: Gate of Memories* Xbox One Game 33% DWG Blast ’em Bunnies Super Mega Bundle* Xbox One Game 50% DWG Blue Estate* Xbox One Game 70% DWG Bridge Constructor* Xbox One Game 67% DWG EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA ... Read More »
What a day Microsoft had unveiling Xbox One X, the official name of Project Scorpio.  One thing that a lot of Xbox fans though have been asking for is backwards compatibility to include titles from the first generation Xbox console.  Well Microsoft is now going to deliver on that request and announced during their E3 press conference that games from the original Xbox console will be available through backwards compatibility.  The newer hardware, especially the hardware in the beefy Xbox One X, will also improve performance and visuals on those original titles. So what games are going to be compatible?  ... Read More »

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