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For the past few years, I’ve gone through the same process: trailers emerge for a new WWE game; excitement intensifies until release date; the dodgy physics engine and under-realised career modes lead to utter disappointment. And it’s a pattern that continues this year, so why not use that energy and awareness to speculate on what could, and perhaps should be coming to the season pass. Some of it is obvious, some of it… wishful thinking. NXT Pack Practically confirmed already by the Collector’s Edition being an NXT Edition (with a sweet Finn Balor Statue), expect this to include recent editions … Read More »

WWE 2K16 is, to put it nicely, a little bit buggy. My recorded clips features a number of warping, freezing and physics engine glitches that range from absurd to hilarious… A montage might be in order! Anyway, it appears 2K are on the case, and a patch has been released to help combat some of the issues that has plagued the sim from launch. Issues addressed include things like the aforementioned warping, corner finishers not actually being consumed under certain conditions leading to infinite finishers, and an issue where superstars wearing alternate attires being completely invisible during a victory animation. … Read More »

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