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After dropping a tease on Twitter yesterday, 2K Games have revealed the first screenshots for the latest edition of the long-running wrestling series, WWE 2K18. You didn’t miss the VERY FIRST #WWE2K18 screenshots released today, did you? pic.twitter.com/pCQyQ4i4L0 — WWE 2K18 (@WWEgames) August 3, 2017 Without any hyperbole, those two screenshots look like some of the lifelike and realistic depictions of any sports star, let alone wrestling. That holds especially true when you see the comparisons between 2K17 and 2K18 which have flooded Twitter. The difference between 2K17 & 2K18 is beyond amazing!!! @WWEgames will truly deliver one of the … Read More »

The WWE 2K games have built somewhat of a reputation for themselves when it comes to impressive collector’s editions. Last year was the NXT Edition with a Demon Finn Balor statue, among other things, whilst the year before was dedicated to Stone Cold Steve Austin. This year, it’s all about Hustle, Loyalty and Burying Rusev at Battleground. WWE have announced that players can pre-order the Cena (Nuff) Collector’s Edition of WWE 2K18, which includes a whole host of John Cena related guff. Pre-ordering it will give you new playable versions of John Cena, alongside legends Rob Van Dam and Batista … Read More »

WWE have been quite inconsiderate to WWE 2K and the release of 2K17. A few months before release, WWE Creative selfishly decided to conduct a brand split, separating the roster between RAW and SmackDown, and updating the graphics for both programs. WWE 2K17 was already releasing out of date, and whilst that’s common for these games, it’s arguably more apparent here. From smaller things like Alberto Del Rio still being on the roster despite walking out of the company, yet Austin Aries, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, has to sit this year out, to bigger things like The Authority … Read More »

The WWE games always boast an impressive array of things to customise and mess about with, whether that be making an entire arena rainbow coloured, or turning John Cena into a fat old man with the moves of Rey Mysterio. If this trailer anything to go by, WWE 2K17 should be even more bonkers. The trailer shows off all the usual modes you’d expect to find in a WWE Creation Suite: Create-A-Superstar, Create-A-Championship, Create-A-Moveset, Create-An-Arena and Create-A-Show all make a comeback, and they’re all getting improvements. New hair and skin options are now available when making your freakish grappler, whilst … Read More »

Yesterday we finally got a look at the debut game-play trailer for WWE 2k17. From the below trailer you can see that this latest instalment from 2k is shaping up to be the best game in the series for a number of years and is surely going to be a ‘Title’ wrestling fans won’t want to miss. The trailers main focus is naturally the return of the much missed backstage brawl area. This is showcased by a vicious match up between returning superstar (and pre-order exclusive) Goldberg and the games cover star Brock Lesnar. The game-play trailer features a whole host of superstars. Including a brief appearance from … Read More »

This year’s instalment of WWE 2K17 is shaping up to be much better than previous incarnations. There’s the return of the backstage brawl areas, the focus on My Career & WWE Universe, the brand new Promo Engine and the promise of a better than ever create a wrestler system. That’s all enough to wet your wrestling appetite but perhaps most impressively is the prospect of one of the biggest rosters in a WWE game to date. Below is the list of every superstar and legend already confirmed for WWE 2K17. WWE Superstars Aiden English AJ Styles Baron Corbin Big E Bo … Read More »

Seems like 2K have realised what the best part of WWE programming is right now, and decided to give fans something to accommodate that. The upcoming WWE 2K17 will be releasing with a special NXT Collector’s Edition, and boy oh boy, it’s a good collection. Firstly, you’ll get early access to three “NXT” superstars… Apollo Crews is technically a main roster guy though, but we’ll ignore that. Also included are the dominant Nia Jax, and the King of Strong Style himself, Mr Shinsuke Nakamura. Not only that, you also get access to 50% more “points” during the NXT portion of … Read More »

This one may go one of two ways for 2K Games and if I were a betting man I’d go for the latter. Some fans will love that Goldberg is in the game as he is a much-loved wrestler so they will buy the game anyway. Now for the latter as seen with Mortal Kombat before this and Goro as a pre-order bonus only people did not like it! The previous picks for pre-order bonuses weren’t real wrestlers on the current gen so if you didn’t get them it didn’t matter too much because how many times are you realistically … Read More »

In another bout of potentially unsurprising news, WWE 2K17 has been confirmed as part of a multi-year exclusive development deal between 2K Games and World Wrestling Entertainment. Whilst the little details of the deal remain unknown, it has been confirmed that 2K own the rights to produce games with the WWE license for both consoles and mobile devices. 2K’s partnership with WWE over the past three years has resulted in a successful and important addition to the Company’s portfolio of profitable franchises,” said David Ismailer, the Chief Operating Officer for 2K Games. “We are thrilled with the positive momentum of the … Read More »

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