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So it seems the proverbial “cat” has been let out of the bag a bit early on the Xbox One, The Witcher 3 NG+ mode is out now on the Xbox Store, or can be picked up HERE for those that are at work and want it ready for when you get back indoors. Myself, I now won’t see much light of day for the next 200 hours or so, as I go and right some wrongs and take some alternate paths! Enjoy NG+ and happy beast hunting! There is no immediate way to start a NG+, all you have … Read More »

The latest patch for the Witcher 3 is out now, word of warning it does weigh in at a hefty 7.5gb, this is mainly because of the preparation for the upcoming NG+ feature. The key parts of the patch are outlined below, for full details from CD Projekt RED click HERE. Performance: Overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.07. Gameplay: Fixes a rare issue where items would disappear from the stash. Fixes a very rare issue which would cause Geralt to get stuck when trying to run. The interaction pop-up will no longer appear … Read More »

As mentioned in my post HERE, The Witcher 3’s Final DLC was due any time now, and it has finally been revealed by CD Projekt RED, no date as of yet, as this DLC is a big one. New Game Plus. The community wanted it, CD Projekt RED said it might be possible, but they weren’t sure when it would happen (SEE HERE), well it seems the sneaky Dev’s have been working on it all along and it will be the final Free DLC to come out. Hurrah proclaimed the gamers. Already finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt multiple times? … Read More »

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