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It seems the guys at Bungie have decided to change their usual Weekly Update to bring you the now named This Week At Bungie, check out the new format and what's going on in the wonderful world of Bungie. “Whoa, wait!” you say. “Is this the Bungie Weekly Update?” It was, for many years. Today, we're giving it a new name so it would no longer be confused with Patch Notes. Bungie has long enjoyed taking a moment out of each week to share something from our studio with the players of our games. We may have outgrown the name in ... Read More »
This week Bungie are counting Passage Coins, and more. The first weekend of Trials of Osiris in Year Two is over. Whenever, wherever, and however you play Destiny, the mad scientists in Bungie User Research are watching. Every helmet you don, every weapon you wield, and every enemy you dispatch (and how) becomes a data point in our matrix of carnage and mayhem. The numbers add up to a mountain of learnings we can use to refine the player experience. Trials of Osiris is a unique opportunity to boil down the mathematical sampling in… a Crucible (bad joke confirmed – deal ... Read More »
This week at Bungie they are bringing Osiris back. After much talk and anticipation, along with an unexpected delay to bring Nightstalker shenanigans under control, the battle for the Lighthouse is about to resume. By very stark contrast, if you don’t want to fight the PvP Elite, you’re still invited to dance. Festival of the Lost is upon us. Have you been to the Tower? Like what Bungie done with the place? There’s plenty to celebrate and discuss this week. Let’s unmask all the details about what is afoot in the world of Destiny Time To Try Harder Brother Vance has ... Read More »
Take a look below at this weeks update from Bungie, full of details from The Taken King's first stream on Wednesday 19th August - This week at Bungie, we led a guided tour of the Tower to prepare you for Destiny Year Two. It won’t be long now before we launch Destiny: The Taken King. Only weeks remain, and we’re as anxious as you are to light this candle and see it take off across the sky. Before we synchronize the key turns and push the big red button, we’re engaged in final prep. Specifically, we’ll deploy Update 2.0 which ... Read More »
Come on in, Destiny fans. Bungie have released another update on their blog and the first news is good news indeed: the amount raised for the disaster recovery in Nepal. ____________________________________________________ This week at Bungie we started to make good on all those Nepal t-shirts you’ve ordered. If you’re discovering the initiative just now, we’ve been selling gear (wrought from both pixels and breathable cotton) through the Bungie Store to raise money for disaster recovery in Nepal. As the final dust settles, there is so much left to be done to help victims of the earthquake that occurred back in ... Read More »
Here is the Destiny round up from Bungie with all the news from the last week - This week at Bungie we presided over the Trials of Osiris. In the previous edition of the Weekly Update, we talked more about new adventures to conquer alien enemies of Humanity. (And Awoken. And Exos.) Today, we’re delving deeper into the proceedings of Guardian vs. Guardian. If the Crucible isn’t your jam, you might want to scroll a bit, because court is in session. If you stood Trial in the Burning Shrine, step forth to be counted. 3,798,561 = Trials of Osiris matches ... Read More »
Change is afoot once again in Destiny, as a new week brings new strikes. That's not all this week, though: the House of Wolves vendors have new gear in their inventories, and the Prison of Elders arena levels have been switched. First things first, and the weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strikes.                           Shadow Thief with Specialist modifier for the Heroic, Sepkis Prime with the Lightswitch and Brawler modifers for the Nightfall, plus unknown rewards! What could they be? Moving onto the inventories, House of Wolves vendor Varik is selling the Kellbreaker's ... Read More »
Another week, another update, but what are Bungie saying after the House of Wolves release? "This week at Bungie we opened The Reef. A lot had been said about House of Wolves. The ramp to launch was long and steep this time. Old pre-launch narratives of “You’ll figure it out when you play” had become obsolete. Millions of eager Guardians were ravenous for tactical intel about their next fight – and we were all too excited to talk about it. After all was said and done, we hope there was still a secret or two left in the vault." Here's ... Read More »
This week at Bungie they are preparing to release full house of wolves into the wild. You need something new to hunt in Destiny. Your new prey will put up a good fight. We know you’re waiting, and we can’t wait for the games to begin - but this is dangerous work they said. Two separate updates will pave the way for you to experience Expansion II. I've been told that the best time to apply a patch to a game is not only when it’s ready, but also when there are a lot of smart people in the building to make ... Read More »

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