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In its weekly update blog post, Destiny developer Bungie announced that players will soon be able to take advantage of several new weapon customizations, whilst also teasing the return of a popular seasonal event that involves your trusty sparrow. The latest post from “This Week at Bungie” showed fans images of several of the new exotic weapon ornaments for weapons such as Bad Juju, Red Death, and Thorn. The two ornaments for the Bad Juju are expected to arrive with the return of the Festival of the Lost event. Bungie have released a trailer showcasing some of the new gear you can get … Read More »

Are you getting chills yet? Capcom certainly hope so, with their drip-feed of Resident Evil 7 teasers and trailers. And they’ve just released teaser vol. 2, ‘Shotgun in a Box’. This time, it’s focused on weapons and ammunition – or more accurately, the lack of them. There’s a damn good reason why the video’s single description reads: ‘Save your ammo… You’ll need it.’ The game’s graphics look absolutely gorgeous, consider it’s a horrifically dingy room we’re in. But perhaps more importantly for old-school fans, it’s nice to see the return of the traditional inventory box – along with the limited … Read More »

With most games seemingly heading to the future its a nice to see Battlefield heading back in time, a move that has gone down exceptionally well with the fans. Just in case you didn’t know this next incarnation is set in a WWI era, its gone back to its root. Unlike its main Rival ‘Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’ there are no fancy gadgets, no jump boosts or space battles to be found anywhere in the game. just good old fashion shooty fun. What will you get to play with this time round? well not everything has been released yet but … Read More »

Ok, so we’ve covered the Specialists and the Game Modes let’s see what else you can bring in to Multiplayer in the latest edition of Call of Duty’s Create-A-class system that has been confirmed so far. Primary Weapons Each Primary Weapon can hold three accessories: One in the optic slot and two in the Attachments slot. A third attachment can be added with the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard. SMGs: Sub Machine Guns – Kuda – A well-balanced submachine gun with a steady rate of fire and accuracy. – Weevil – A submachine gun with an incredibly high rate of fire and a high … Read More »

Stop… Sledgehammer Time…. Coming first to you on Xbox One next Tuesday August 25th, Advanced Warfare have 3 brand new weapons; including a couple you might call, a blast from the past,  The AK47, M16, and the CEL-3. Not only will you get these 3 weapons there is also a 3rd batch of royalty variants on their way too. Drum roll please… It’s that moment all you COD fans having waiting for… The AK47 is making its way to advanced warfare. The classic fan-favourite is a fully automatic Assault Rifle that can deliver great damage to those who cross its path … Read More »

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