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Pre order the limited edition and get the RC hacker robot from the game You play Marcus Holloway, a young hacker from Sanfransisco and team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers to take down ctos 2.0, a computer run by criminal masterminds which is being used to manipulate citizens. Explore San fransisco with a variety of gameplay possibilities in a dynamic open world setting. Use drones and mini RC vehicles to neutralise enemies and spy from a distance, hack terminals with them too. Use advanced hacking technology and stealth to complete missions without killing or go all guns … Read More »

Watch Dogs 2 says hello to the world ! finally we have some official information about the second game in the franchise – Ubisoft treated us with a stream showcasing what the game will have to offer – New location, tools, weapons and as we suspected a new protagonist, without further a do lets get into detail about these new features. Firstly I would like to start with a conversation I had last week about Watch dogs, in the conversation I was discussing what I wanted from Watch Dogs 2 – I said a new younger protagonist with an edge someone with personality … Read More »

The original Watchdogs was hyped to the point of super stardom, because of that over-hype the game didn’t stack up to the expectation (for 1 reason or another) so you can imagine the reaction when Ubisoft confirmed Watchdogs 2, but not only that it has been confirmed to support DX 12. It’s safe to say Ubisoft has taken the games market as of late by storm, with that in mind I can guarantee they have learned from their original mistakes and stepped No.2 up a gear…or 5! The way in which Watchdogs dented their solid reputation was quite big so … Read More »

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We have some fantastic news. We're giving away four tickets (two sets of two) for Legends Of Gaming LIVE Sunday 11th of September,...

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