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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 is bringing new content in the next month that will surely give you reason's to not cause, but fix the chaos in the Bay area.  Human Conditions brings a over 5 hours of new content including 3 Dedsec Operations known as Bad Medicine, Caustic Progress, and Automata.  There will be new enemies and new elite co-op missions as well.  Check it out for yourself in this exciting and humorous trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLz02sgSzjc Human Conditions is set to launch on March 23rd for Xbox One and PC. What do you think of the new Watch Dogs 2 DLC ... Read More »
Another dark night and another episode of Outlast from Laura. Hiding in lockers from a man wearing nothing but a chain and slipping under the bed to safely change the camera batteries, this mission starts and ends in the Security Office and features many more encounters than the first one. Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as she makes new friends in the corridors and goes down into the basement to restore power! Make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow on Twitter and Twitch for all the latest ... Read More »
Everyone loves a horror game. They're not all as scary as they make out to be though. The usually hardy Laura has decided to put latest Games with Gold title Outlast through its scary paces - in the dark, while wearing headphones. Join Laura as she makes an enforced trip to Mount Massive Asylum, a long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation.  Will Laura manage to survive as she walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely? Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as ... Read More »
DICE have released a new custom game mode which will appeal to fans of close-quarters action. Set in Amiens, Eye to Eye creates a fast paced multiplayer experience where the only strategy is to kill or be killed. Without health regeneration and limited options for attack (shotguns or melee only), your best chance of survival is to move around the map as a pack with your squad mates. Try out this game mode under the Multiplayer menu, Custom Games section. Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as she tries her luck with a shotgun. Make sure you like our ... Read More »
The Sport of Kings, or cruel animal exploitation? Innocent pastime, or gateway to a dangerous gambling addiction? Upper class nonsense, or a viable career for short people? Horse Racing 2016 offers 4-player split screen action and the ability to name your horse. Watch Laura as she takes on all comers over the sticks and on the flat (see, she knows the lingo) and - probably - invites the attention of the League Against Cruel Sports. Spoilers: Sadly, Laura does not talk about the possibility of Unicorn DLC. Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as she dons her racing silks. Make ... Read More »
PopCap have released paid DLC for their popular game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 to sit alongside the recent Frontline Fighters update. With Christmas fast approaching, the new DLC has been titled the "Festive Edition", and contains four sticker packs with the following content: 200,000 coins for spending in game Festive hat customisation for your characters - in true Plants vs Zombies style Instant access to Commando Corn. A Legendary character from the Frontline Fighters update that was released this week, who fires baby corn rockets which deal out additional splash damage Instant access to the close range, looty ... Read More »
Ubisoft's The Division has seen somewhat of a resurgence of late, with the new Survival update becoming an unexpected hit! This second major expansion of the game robs you of your hard-earned gear, and infects you with an illness. To survive on your journey to the centre of the map you'll need to find clothes, food, and medicine alongside the usual NPCs and Rogue Agents intent on doing you harm. It turns the race for the best gear completely on its head, and really has tempted us back to Manhattan. Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as she tackles this new mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkQmPrq10F4 Make sure you ... Read More »
Ittle Dew 2 is an adventure RPG filled with humour. The titular Ittle is a headstrong girl who, along with her flying fox companion Tippsie, seeks out action, adventure, puzzles and loot in the island’s overworld, as well as defeating dungeon bosses in increasingly difficult locations such as pillow forts, trash caves and sand castles. Improving on its predecessor in many areas, we awarded Ittle Dew 2 a not inconsiderable 8 out of 10. "Ittle Dew 2 strides confidently into a crowded genre with the assurance that comes from knowing it's better than the first game in the series in every ... Read More »
Fans of this year's monster hit Doom from Bethesda Softworks have just some received some fantastic news. In a new update that has been released, the game has received a whole new single-player score-attack mode. Being dubbed Arcade mode, this update changes Doom's single-player campaign into a series of challenges allowing players to compete with each other and climb those leaderboards. https://youtu.be/M4rWwS60NRs Within Arcade mode players will be able to customize their look, loadouts and gear when entering a stage. They will also have all guns, runes and equipment available. All this to help you rack up the highest score possible by ... Read More »

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