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Video games are serious business. We have worlds to save, damsels to rescue bad guys to slay and achievements to unlock. But whilst doing all of these things we always make time to do a few other things in games that aren’t nearly as vital, well not in the grand scheme of things anyway but to us they are things that we must do, mostly just to see what happens. Here is a list of some of the things that don’t really help us along our way but we still can’t help doing anyway. Can you fall off ledges? In … Read More »

Have you heard about The Division’s easter egg? It’s pretty cool. We’ve always known that Ubisoft have a sense of humour – from reimagining themselves as the dystopian Abstergo in the Assassin’s Creed series to the hilarious release of Assassin’s Creed Unity and the ensuing DLC debacle. Well, the games company has done it again. Want to see it yourself? Head to E. 43rd Street and locate The Firewall safehouse. It’s in an area called the Turtle Bay that’s heavily guarded by Lvl 27-28 bad guys. Take it easy and you can fight your way to the Easter egg safehouse. … Read More »

In the year 2000, video game consoles were first banned in China due to fear that the 3D world’s produced by them and the devices themselves created a negative effect on the mental and physical development of children. Just after approximately 15 years the ban is now to be lifted. Companies like Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony will now be able to manufacture and sell video game consoles anywhere in China. This is according to a statement made from the country’s Minister of Culture. The restrictions of this ban eased up last year by letting the console makers operate in a … Read More »

Video games are one of the most popular of the entertainment industries but there is still a lot more to come, or that is according to Assassins Creed creator Patrice Desilets. He also thinks that he knows what it is holding the industry back. He also said that his dream is to create “the Titanic of games.” James Cameron’s 1997 movie Titanic is one of the most commercially successful films of all time. It is seen as one of the ultimate benchmarks in the entertainment industry. Video Games have made similar amounts of money but they haven’t yet reached the … Read More »

If you’re the owner of Killer Instinct’s Season Two Ultra Edition you’ve just one day to wait before Cinder, a character in the original 1994 Killer Instinct, makes his fiery appearance as a playable fighter on 30th April. If you own the Season Two Combo Breaker Edition, however, the wait will take you till 6th May before Cinder becomes available. Right at the end of the trailer is a tease for another character: Aria, the leader of Ultratech. For more Xbox One news, reviews and competitions, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, give us a friendly Like, and follow us on Twitter!

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