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Does News ever stop? There are television channels dedicated to 24 hours of it, live and unstoppable; it surrounds us when we go about our days via some medium or other; and even when we’re at home it’s likely to find its way to us somehow. Consider this article a condensation and selection of this week’s headlines, then, should you have escaped them so far. This week we learnt Konami may not be exiting AAA production after all; some of the industries top voice actors may go on strike; of the changes coming in the latest Project Cars update; what the right thumb-stick … Read More »

What happens to a world saving organisation when it is no longer needed? September 8th sees the story of the Inquisition come to an end with the release of Trespasser, the newest DLC released by Bioware. Trespasser takes up the story two years after the story of the main game and lets you decide the fate of the Inquisiton that you worked so hard to build. Along this final journey, you will meet with old friends to uncover a new threat to Thedas. You will however need to have completed the main game to unlock this content. Creative Director Mike … Read More »

The Taken King update is now only round the corner waiting to sneak itself onto your hard drive and start slowly eating away your gaming hours. Bungie have now announced that the newest expansion to their time devouring game will cost your hard drive 18gb of space whether you upgrade or not. This does however, include The Taken King within it so no further downloads would be necessary. This was however not the only update revealed. New Strikes are incoming over the next few weeks starting with the recently streamed Dreadnought, a loot filled fortress ready for the taking with the … Read More »

The digital and retail versions of Wasteland 2: The Director’s Cut will launch on Xbox One and PC on October 13, 2015 in North America. Those who already own the regular edition which launched on computers last year can upgrade for free. Meanwhile, physical editions in Europe won’t release until October 16. For those who aren’t aware of what Wasteland 2 here’s a brief insight and I’m impressed. The game is set in an alternate history timeline, in which a nuclear holocaust took place in 1998 in relation to an impact event involving a cluster of meteors that sparked a global nuclear war. On the day … Read More »

It’s time for a news round up once again! Like metaphorical sheep the news can wander about the hills of the internet, and if you’re not around at the right time it can gambol off to never be seen again, and you’ll be sad for having not seen the sheep. Or the news. So we’re going to put the week’s biggest sheep biggest news in this one pen for your perusing. And we promise to not mention sheep again. ______________________________________________ Low frame rates? High frame rates? Jagged frame rates? Try adding an extra CPU core. Xbox One Extra CPU Core … Read More »

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