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We love our classic consoles. Games from a bygone era – classic, simple, hard as nails. So when we get the merest sniff that we might be able to play some of these classics through the wonders of emulation, we sit up and take notice. Undoubtedly, we’re going to see emulators on our Xbox Ones sooner rather than later, thanks to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and the convergence of the Windows 10 and Xbox stores. We recently brought you the news that Win64e10 – a Nintendo 64 emulator App that runs reasonably happily on Windows 10 – could potentially see the light … Read More »

Let’s not beat around the bush – Universal Windows Apps on Xbox One are a BIG DEAL. Yes, even if you are a gamer who only uses the Xbox to play games and refuses to even look at an App – and if that’s who you are, then I’m glad you have read even this far. Please, read on. It’s worth it, trust me. First, a little background. Inside your Xbox One there beats a Windows 10 heart. It’s not the only heart in there, but it’s probably the one that will beat most significantly in the console’s future. Windows … Read More »

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