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EA Sports have had to issue an apology this week over a pretty controversial issue. The problem stems from the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is currently ranked as No. 2 in the UFC’s Lightweight Division, performs the sign of the cross as his post-fight celebration. The problem with this? Nurmagomedov is a practicing Muslim and the sign of the cross is a distinctly Christian tradition. The fighter took too Twitter to air his grievances at this obvious oversight by the games developers: I’m a MUSLIM and not Baptized. Please @EASPORTSUFC edit my after fight celebration. I have a lot of … Read More »

Every now and then a game comes along that we like the look of, but it never seems to end up in our basket. “I’ll pick it up in the sale,” we tell ourselves, before getting distracted by something shiny and wandering off. Well, if EA SPORTS™ UFC® was your “wait-for-it-in-the-sale” game, today’s your day! Today – if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member – you can pick up UFC for the low, low price of £6.25. Remember, if you are an EA Access Member this game is already in the vault so you shouldn’t grab this deal – … Read More »

He looks as menacing as ever even in a digital form EA have announced a new contender for the upcoming UFC 2 title, they’ve only included the one and only ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson – what an addition to the fighter lineup!!! If you were quick off the mark and pre-ordered, you get access from day one to Tyson. If you didn’t then you have to unlock him, this is achieved by fighting your way through the game and making it to the legendary ‘Hall Of Fame’. Take a look at the reveal video below, it looks like various points of … Read More »

I’m sorry for that title. I’m not sorry about the fact that EA are having a sale with deals exclusive to subscribers of EA Access! If you are a subscriber, currently you can get 60% Battlefield 4 and Hardline’s Premium Season Pass DLC. 50% NBA Live 16, Need for Speed Rivals Complete Bundle Pack and the UFC Bruce Lee Bundle. Finally, you can find Dragon Age Inquisition DLC packs Trespasser, Jaws of Hakkon and Descent for 40% off. If you’re not a subscriber? Well you don’t get these deals.

EA has announced that the UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and the UFC interim featherweight champion will fight for the honor of joining ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey on the cover of the latest UFC game. This is the first time in EA Sport history in which the winner of a real-world sports event will have the opportunity to be included on a video game’s cover. Jamie McKinlay, Vice President of Marketing at EA Sports, stated that “Fight for the Cover is another way we are bringing an exciting experience to the fans,” and that “this is a huge moment in UFC and … Read More »

EA Sports are already underway with plans to return to the Octagon and now EA have revealed more details on the upcoming MMA sequel. Firstly, the game will feature female MMA mega-star Ronda Rousey on the cover of the game and promises to feature the biggest roster yet. EA Sports have lifted on the lid on a huge amount of new features for UFC 2, as well as the expanded roster, there’s a variety of new modes. KO Mode is exactly what you’d think, the fight doesn’t end until someone is seeing stars. EA also promise a revamped Career mode which will allow … Read More »

While Sony felt EA Access didn’t represent good enough value for their gamers, Microsoft must be over the moon with the service, as more and more choose to subscribe thanks to an ever-increasing line-up of games in the vault. It started off with a bang, Battlefield 4, Fifa 14, Peggle 2 and Madden 25, Then we were blessed with Need for Speed: Rivals sooner than expected and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare soon followed, as did UFC, and just as people where starting to mutter at the rumour of a new addition to the vault, EA added NBA Live 15 … Read More »

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