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Brutal. If EA Sports UFC 2 could be summed up in one word, it’s brutal. Head kicks land with the momentum of a freight train, uppercuts look like they’d take your opponents head off and the flying knees would make Sagat from Street Fighter proud. Be sure to scream Tiger Knee at the top of your lungs for added effect. So it’s no surprise, then, that the highlight of this game is Knockouts Mode. Ditching the ground game in favour of health bars, your objective is to simply KO your opponent. It encapsulates some the most exciting moments of the … Read More »

Old school gamers will have heard of this code before EA have recently released the very first update for their hard hitting game EA Sports UFC 2, in this we saw three brand new fighters for the Octagon. We could now choose to fight as Sage Northcutt or Jessica Aguilar, but the third was a mystery – who is it and how do we get to unlock them? Well wonder no more, we have the answers right here for you. The mystery fighter is none other than Joe Rogan, he is a Welterweight and carries an overall rating of 86. Want to … Read More »

EA Access members can now install the 10 hour trial for UFC 2 UFC 2 is a Mixed Martial Arts game developed by EA SPORTS and isn’t due for release until March 17th , EA access members can download the full game from today but will only be limited to 10 hours of play time, although if you decide to buy the game on the release day, all progress you made on the trial will carry over. Hurray! no starting again. UFC 2 brings stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new Knockout Physics System and authentic gameplay features, … Read More »

He looks as menacing as ever even in a digital form EA have announced a new contender for the upcoming UFC 2 title, they’ve only included the one and only ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson – what an addition to the fighter lineup!!! If you were quick off the mark and pre-ordered, you get access from day one to Tyson. If you didn’t then you have to unlock him, this is achieved by fighting your way through the game and making it to the legendary ‘Hall Of Fame’. Take a look at the reveal video below, it looks like various points of … Read More »

Time to fight – next gen style Sometimes after a rather difficult day, there’s no better stress relief than to fire up the Xbox One and digitally punch that aggression out. Well fellow gamers, UFC 2 will be an ideal title for just this scenario – you could call it a big hitting game (sorry for that). EA Sports have decided to tease us with three new videos showing us what we can expect in this upcoming release, these videos coincide with UFC 194 where Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo. A little fun fact for you here, the winner of … Read More »

EA has announced that the UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and the UFC interim featherweight champion will fight for the honor of joining ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey on the cover of the latest UFC game. This is the first time in EA Sport history in which the winner of a real-world sports event will have the opportunity to be included on a video game’s cover. Jamie McKinlay, Vice President of Marketing at EA Sports, stated that “Fight for the Cover is another way we are bringing an exciting experience to the fans,” and that “this is a huge moment in UFC and … Read More »

EA Sports are already underway with plans to return to the Octagon and now EA have revealed more details on the upcoming MMA sequel. Firstly, the game will feature female MMA mega-star Ronda Rousey on the cover of the game and promises to feature the biggest roster yet. EA Sports have lifted on the lid on a huge amount of new features for UFC 2, as well as the expanded roster, there’s a variety of new modes. KO Mode is exactly what you’d think, the fight doesn’t end until someone is seeing stars. EA also promise a revamped Career mode which will allow … Read More »

Good news, fight fans! It was practically inevitable that EA would make this into another franchise, and right on cue, EA Sports UFC 2 has been confirmed on Twitter. No details have actually been confirmed as of yet, merely a tweet stating that we should stay tuned for more. The Wait is Finally Over! Tune in tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/r8fQnsEWZg — EA SPORTS UFC (@EASPORTSUFC) November 9, 2015 After THQ’s untimely and unfortunate demise, EA acquired the rights to create games using the UFC license. EA’s first outing with UFC (EA MMA doesn’t quite count) can be downloaded right now as part … Read More »

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