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It seems that after the initial updates you either love or hate this game. Like Destiny before it you either love it or you hate it. It still has a massive fan base though and they will be pleased to hear some progress along the lines of DLC. There has been a slight leak from Amazon (which seems to be happening with alarming regularity) of the release date of the first expansion pack for The Division. Here is the leak which first appeared on the German Amazon website. As you can see, the first expansion pack is called Underground; which … Read More »

Agent, this is not a test. This is everything you stand to gain in the plague-infested New York City. This is today’s daily reset. Bring it on… Daily Missions (Reset 5:00 PM PST) HARD: General Assembly 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: WarrenGate Power Plant 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: Russian Consulate 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material   Daily Assignments (Reset 5:00 PM PST) Combat: 3 Elite Enemies Eliminated 10 PxC Crafting: 3 Weapon Parts Converted 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 10 LMB Eliminated 7,500 Dz XP   Daily HVT Officer (Reset 5:00 PM PST) Komodo – 5 Intel – … Read More »

Looking for another reason to head into plague-laden NYC? Here’s today’s Division daily reset… Daily Missions HARD: Queens Tunnel Camp 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: Russian Consulate 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: Warrengate Power Plant 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material   Daily Assignments Combat: 5 Veterans Eliminated 10 PxC Crafting: 3 Tools Converted 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 3 Elites Eliminated 7,500 Dz XP   Weekly Assignments : 30 PxC Strategic Assignment 50 Rioters Eliminated 30 Fabric Collected 10 Named Enemies Eliminated 10 Missions Completed (Hard or Above)   Incursion: Falcon Lost HARD GS 140+: 33,000 Credits 15 PxC … Read More »

The Division is still having a rough time, when it was discovered this week that the powerful gear set Sentry’s Call was giving players an unfair advantage. And it’s a pretty big advantage, providing a permanent damage boost to those who wore the collection. Happily, for those still enjoying the NYC-based MMO-lite, Ubisoft Massive – the developer behind the game – have stated that they’ll be changing that. This comes after the reveal that the gear set’s Marksman talent permanently let players dish out 15% damage for 10-seconds after marking the opposition. News of the much-needed patch was announced by … Read More »

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