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After Ubisoft's recent release of the Assassin's Creed movie, it seems like they have an itch for live action movies as we're treated to another live action trailer today for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, but this time it's a trailer for...well... a live action movie, based upon the upcoming game. They've even designed a sweet movie poster for it too... War within the Cartel is the subtitle of the movie and has a big name behind it. Roberto Orci (the modern Star Trek movies and the upcoming The Mummy reboot) produces the 30-minute short; which is a promotional movie ... Read More »
If you can overlook the lowkey homophobia - and we're not suggesting you should - there's an entertaining telly programme lurking around somewhere in Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour. If you like fast cars and buffoonery (heavy on the buffoonery), that is. Xbox (not always known for making the most sensible of decisions when it comes to the celebrities they snuggle up with and the parties they throw) clearly decided that recent allegedly homophobic comments from one of the hosts wasn't enough to deter the motoring collective from appearing on the Xbox couch, alongside Xbox's AceyBongos. "Turns out I'm good at that as ... Read More »
This week we are doing thing's a little different and bringing our stream team directly to you! Tonight 28.12.16 @6pm we bring you some all out madness from our very own nutter Jade, she will be hacking and slashing some unknowing enemies in Dishonored 2!! Thursday 29.12.16 @9pm Mr Nis Biscuit will be duncked into WW1 by going back in time for some all out nazi hell in the biggest Battlefield known to man. And Friday 30.12.16 @9pm we will be taking our own Nashman to hell with the Evil Within, trust us he will never be the same again!! Thats it ... Read More »
Bungie held one of their "ride along" streams over on Twitch and gave viewers an in depth look at why we have the mechanics that are in the wrath of the Machine raid and the stories from the creators.  Destiny's newest and only raid over the last year has had a ton of secrets that have provided guardians tons of loot and dangerous encounters.  Hosted by Destiny community manager Deej, Raid Project Owner Joe Blackburn and Environmental Artist Rusty Derbin provided the guided tour as Bungie's own raid team took on the Heroic mode of the Wrath of the Machine ... Read More »
Every week, Destiny blogger DeeJ brings us news about the world of Destiny but this week is something of interest. As you may be aware, Destiny has a companion app for mobile devices and even it's official website is a companion itself, so it's no news that they're constantly updating the features of what you can do with the app. Most notable; a while back they incorporated the ability to transfer your items to and from the vault, without having to visit any of the social spaces. A cried-out fan request and favourite that we can't seem to live without ... Read More »
Amazon Prime and Twitch are working together to create Twitch Prime. Amazon Prime customers still get the normal privileges like unlimited one day delivery, ad free access to millions of songs from the Amazon Library, member discount on new releases on games and guaranteed release day delivery. If you are an existing Amazon Prime member, all you have to do is sign in on Amazon and link your existing Twitch account to your Prime account. It will then be added to your subscription at no extra cost. Twitch Prime grants you bonus in game loot every month, you'll get characters, ... Read More »
Titanfall 2 developer, Respawn, are prepping up for this year’s Gamescom with a massive multiplayer livestream that will unveil more about the factions that gamers will play as once the game’s released. 16th August is the date for your diaries, with the studio promising an exciting night for the German games convention that will feature… The Titanfall 2 Factions multiplayer event [which] will split some of the communities biggest gaming personalities into separate teams and let them compete for bragging right on the Frontier. The action will be streamed live on twitch.tv/titanfall, starting at 8:00 pm CET/11:00 am PST. Each ... Read More »
I have now watched Bungie's Winter Cosmodrome Reveal stream for a 4th time looking for any additional clues I could on what is coming next beyond what the developers are simply stating.  I caught this on my 3rd time through and have also now seen YouTubers covering it as well.  Did Bungie just leak the new light level cap? During the stream, Destiny community manager Deej went into the menu of his guardian to adjust control settings and there you can see his guardian is light level 355!  There was no mention of it by the developers during the stream.  Anything ... Read More »
Hosted by Destiny community manager Deej, Bungie gave guardians a glimpse at the newly redesigned Cosmodrome that will explored when Rise of Iron comes on September 20, 2016.  As the stream began, BOOM!  The rumored Gjallarwing sparrow is a legit sparrow in the upcoming expansion.  Modeled after the famed weapon Gjallarhorn, the sparrow looked every bit like the rocket launcher that dominated the first year of Destiny's existence.  There will be a white version of the sparrow available to all guardians through purchase in the Eververse Trading Company kiosk but those that pre-order will get the sparrow as a bonus ... Read More »

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