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Twin stick arcade-style shooter Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops will be exploding onto the Xbox One come February 26th. Originally created for Mobile devices, it has been developed for Xbox One by Australian-based Epiphany Games. The Xbox One version of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops includes four brand new Zombie Wave maps, a brand-new soundtrack, and an Ultra Hard Mode, just make the game feel like a true arcade coin muncher. Tiny Troopers Joint Ops includes features such as: Over 60 action-packed mini-maps of mayhem including Zombie Survival Mode with online leaderboards Recruit specialist mercenaries such as Medics, Machine Gunners and the Elite … Read More »

Ever since the Dev’s of Project Gotham Racing placed the amazing Geometry Wars arcade game in their driving game I have been hooked on this style of twin stick shooters. When the rhythmic bass line begins pumping, in my dark room, I let my mind slowly melt as I destroy colourful blocks, my fingers becoming more and more tense with my grip on the controller tightening. These sorts of games really appeal to me. But can the ID@XBox Game Tachyon Project shine in the shadow of Geometry Wars 3rd Dimension? At first Tachyon Project seems like a standard Geometry Wars … Read More »

On the Xbox 360 the twin-stick shooter revolution certainly went a little crazy and anyone would think just about every idea had been tried and tested. So with Project Root  lined up for release at the end of the month, We’ve had our greasy mits around a pretty impressive Preview build. Firstly the official game description and then make sure you feast your eyes on our exclusive first play. “Lighting a brighter future, energy is the root of all advanced global development.”  So states the motto of the Prometheus Corporation, the world leader in energy research,  production and distribution. With our forward-thinking, charismatic president Demetrio Watts  delivering cheaper energy to cities throughout the world, the Prometheus Corporation  continues to balance sophisticated research with environmental conservation to light a  brighter future for humanki—    What a giant load of horse@#%*.    Oh, there’s no denying that Prometheus Corp. is the world’s leading energy provider – but at  the cost of permanent environmental damage, corrupt political agendas, and thousands of  human lives. With his beguiling, duplicitous smile, Demetrio Watts assures all citizens low-cost,  efficient energy year-round. And yet behind the scenes and away from the public spotlight, he  hides the dangerous secret plans Prometheus has been formulating for a while now. Precious  few of us have realized this –I know personally as Prometheus forced my family and hundreds  of others out of our community with their ruthless expansion plans.    But we’re far from dead – we have been training in the shadows, gathering our resources, and  sharpening our skills. It has taken time, but we are finally at a point where we can launch an  effective strike against Prometheus. We won’t rest until we have pulled the wool off from the  world’s eyes and reveal the true intentions of Demetrio and his company…or until we’re dead.  Fast, direct action is needed and with our advanced F-72 Zonda aircraft, I – Lance Rockport –  and others like me will personally strike at the root of this evil.    We are Arcturus. We are ready. We are coming.    As you’ll see initially everything … Read More »

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