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Today is the day that we have all been waiting for, well some of us have anyway. The twin stick shooter 8DAYS has finally been released on the Xbox One and is all of the crazy fun that you would expect from such a game. 8DAYS is a top down scrolling twin stick shooter that sees you playing as two mercenaries Lola “Wasp” and Mike “Ghost”. Playing as these two characters you will need to fight your way through five chapters of intense action. There is everything that you need from video game right here, masses of enemies, boss fights … Read More »

In Space We Brawl is an attempt to hark back to the days when we would sit on the sofa playing games with friends rather than playing online. This twin stick shooter from Spanish outfit Forge Reply attempts to take us back to the days of traditional arcade style games. Utilizing only local multiplayer – no online – it tries to bring friends together for some good old fashion fun and has the potential to do this; unfortunately, it fails to deliver on most fronts. The premise of the game is – as with most twin stick shooters – a … Read More »

Some places are named after a historic figure, others after a famous landmark and some are named after the colour of the ground after you’ve dispatched the monsters that live there. Crimsonland definitely falls into the later category. Crimsonland is a top down, twin stick shooter that’s just a little bit different. Your task is a simple one, kill all of the aggressive enemies that come at you in what sometimes feels like endless waves. Painting the land crimson as you do so. To help you on your way is a whole host of guns and power-ups which make for … Read More »

The word polychromatic means a variety or change of colours. It also means being related to radiation made up of more than one wavelength. Polychromatic the game is both of these things and a little bit more. Harking back to the days of the classic twin-stick blaster much in the vein of classic games of the genre such as Asteroid and Robotron, Polychromatic tries to emulate the style and feel of these games. Developer Brushfire Games have also tried to add their own modern twist into the game to spice things up a little. Space is a circle on your … Read More »

Pure 16-bit twin stick shooter fun that is outright bad ass Here’s a name for you to remember, the name is Charlotte Seeker. She is a 16-bit pixel beauty that will test your skill, reflexes and patience but the reward for this is an all out shooting extravaganza. You need to venture through a ship’s long and slightly lost technology and outsmart the almost impenetrable cybernetic defenses that makes Fort Knox tremble to it’s foundations. So buckle up for a journey to discover the secrets hidden within this vessel, but rest assured Charlotte won’t be beaten by anything. A perfect mix … Read More »

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