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Evolve developer, Turtle Rock Studios, has announced that the title would become free to play on Steam.  A lot of hype was up around the action shooter because of its unique 1 vs. 4, monster vs. human concept.  What made Turtle Rock Studios want to drastically alter their marketing concept? According to Steam reports, the average player base was less than 200 players per day.  The game's player base just seemed to disappear.  Upon becoming a free to play title on Steam, the player base shot up over 15,000%!  Steam users were quick to reap the benefit of a free AAA title ... Read More »
There go your hopes of Evolve 2 anytime in the near future. Evolve developer Turtle Rock has been recruiting for a new project. According to the Careers section of the Turtle Rock website, the studio has multiple roles open on an “unannounced new IP” including a narrative director and senior character artist. Unless there are multiple teams, it means they’re not working on another Evolve game. Maybe in the future? You can’t fault Evolve for being interesting as it was one of a kind, but it didn’t keep the gamer's interest very long so the hype died quickly. Evolve began ... Read More »
Evolve is the online, multi-player monster hunting game from 2K and Turtle Rock. Evolve pits four players playing as hunters against one playing as the monster. As time passes the monster evolves and goes from been the hunted to been the hunter. It is a fun game that adds a new and novel twist to online multi-player gaming. There is however one problem. The game hasn't proved quite as popular in the long run as the developer would have hoped. It is six months since Evolve was released and it has lost a bit of traction since launch. Initially it ... Read More »
It is time for another update to Evolve, the multiplayer monster hunting game from Turtle Rock Studios and 2K, and this one is big. First and foremost is the introduction of a new hunter, Jack The Trapper. Bringing along a host of new abilities and weapons to liven up the playing experience. There is also a new map called the Murder Pits and a re-branding of the Hunt Mode as Hunt 2.0. the official details are as follows. We’re excited to introduce Hunt 2.0, which includes significant improvements to the matchmaking, user experience, and revamped leaderboards while playing Hunt mode. ... Read More »
Publisher 2K have announced that the second season of its squad based action game, Evolve, will be released on June 23. The release will contain one new monster and four new hunters with players either been able to purchase them through a season pass or individually. All five new characters will be made available “prior to the end of Take-Two Interactive, Inc.’s fiscal year on March 31, 2016.” The first new character, named Lennox, will be available to download June 23. She will be part of the assault class and will be the first Hunter to have a melee attack. ... Read More »
Time to earn the Goliath Voodoo Skin Turtle Rock Studios has announced the latest weekend challenge event for their monstrous game Evolve, tasking players with performing a special Monster move to win the Goliath Voodoo character skin for free. This weekend between 05:01 on Friday the 10th of April and 05:01 on Monday the 13th of April, you need to land 1,000,000 successful rock throws on Hunters with Goliath. If this is pulled this off as a community, everyone who plays between those days and times, snags the Goliath Voodoo skin shown above, absolutely free. In the coming weeks, challenges and ... Read More »

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