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Rewards And Big In Game Changes For Destiny Players

It’s getting very clear now that Destiny is soon over and Destiny 2 is coming very soon.  In the weekly “This week at Bungie” update, Destiny community manager Deej gave us a timeline of some events that are going to ending in Destiny to get ready for Destiny 2.  Here is a timeline for the next couple weeks: Every Weekend: Trials of Osiris July 4, 2017: Iron Banner July 4, 2017: King’s Fall Weekly Featured Raid July 11, 2017: Wrath of the Machine Weekly Featured Raid July 18, 2017: Crota’s End Weekly Featured Raid July 18, 2017: Daybreak Month Begins … Read More »

BIG Change To Destiny’s Trials of Osiris This Weekend (28 Oct – 4 Nov)

I guess the folks at Bungie thought a change was needed for Trials of Osiris this weekend.  No, it isn’t dedicated servers – I wish it was too.  This week’s map is Cauldron and to make things more interesting, there are no revives and no mini map.  Essentially Trials will be Inferno style but without revives as well.  We are eager to see how this will work but we see this playing out as a shotgun sitting in the corner waiting feeding frenzy. How do you feel about the changes?  Let us know in the comment section below! Make sure … Read More »

Destiny: The Return Of Iron Banner And Trials

Rise Of Iron has been greatly successful with the new story missions, strikes, weapons/armour and of course the new raid to name a few. This has kept the guardians busy for a short time, but of course these Guardians don’t hang about any we are baying for me precious loot. With that in mind this week and next brings back our favourite PvP events, as of today Trials Of Osiris returns, and with it Brother Vance brings a whole host of Egyptian style goodies to claim: Next week we also get the highly anticipated Iron Banner, this time around, because … Read More »

This Week At Bungie: 26/05/2016 – Insert Witty Title Here

As sure as the sun rises, grass grows and Donald Trump says something a tad controversial, Bungie are back again with another weekly update for us to disseminate and relay to you lovely folks. Let’s begin, shall we? Anyone catch the Twitch stream for the Crucible yesterday? Basically a bunch of devs talked about what goes into making a Crucible map, but today’s update confirmed that they’re hard at work on some new arenas for us Guardians to do battle. Hotfix, otherwise known as Lord Saladin’s Reclamation, went live, putting a stop to all your infinite rocket shenanigans. Bungie … Read More »

This Week at Bungie: 19/05/16 – “Clown Car” Heavies

Sounds like some enterprising young Guardians have found a way to break the fabric of reality within Destiny, causing some players to walk around the Crucible with infinite heavy ammo, making This Week At Bungie more loaded than usual. Let’s break it down: As mentioned, Bungie have been on a proverbial bug hunt looking for ways to eliminate the infinite heavy glitch, but in the meantime, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are on hold. Fair enough, really. No one wants, as Bungie puts it, “Clown Car” Rockets. Bungie’s Matchmaking Overlords (cool name) are looking into reports of longer than … Read More »

Bungie Teases Changes To Destiny’s PvP

The Destiny April update is imminent and looming just over the horizon and Bungie has teased more information on the contents of the update in their April Update Preview of Crucible and Sandbox changes. Among the many changes planned for the game, there are a few stand-outs to say the least. Bungie has made alterations to revives and ammunition availability in PvP in particular, demonstrated in a controlled environment of Warlocks doing Science! Revives have been altered to require players to be closer to the downed teammate’s ghost and it will take slightly longer for the revive to be performed. In … Read More »

Destiny: Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Details

Guardians! Grab your exotics, form your Fireteams and report to the Crucible, because Lord Saladin and Brother Vance are returning for some more special PvP action. In the latest Weekly Update, Bungie have laid out what changes are coming to Iron Banner, which is scheduled for October 13th, and the Trials of Osiris, which is coming on the 16th October. Changes include tweaks to the level of loot drops and how Trials of Osiris matchmaking works. Teams with 1 win will be matched with other teams with 1 win, teams with 2 wins are matched together and so on. Finally, … Read More »

Destiny Has a New Area for the Top Guardians

Destiny offers a new area for the best of the best Destiny’s new player vs. player mode ‘Trials of Osiris’ opened its gates to guardians who own of the new House of Wolves DLC. The new mode rewards players based on how many wins have been notched up before suffering three losses, it’s at this point their ticket to the event can be exchanged for different reward tiers. So what happens if you rack up nine wins (the current maximum) without a single loss? You achieve the highest honors Destiny has to offer, permission to access ‘The Lighthouse’. Here is a new social … Read More »

Destiny: House Of Wolves – Trials Of Osiris Full Details

Yesterday Bungie unveiled first details on Destiny’s newest game mode, Trials of Osiris, which is coming in the game’s second expansion House of Wolves next month. Trials of Osiris will be a new multiplayer PvP mode, in which two teams of three battle each other in a new game type, Elimination. In Elimination, there are no respawns, Bungie’s Derek Carroll said; your team has to revive you. Carroll described it as “the most intense mode we’ve made.” Matches in Trials of Osiris are time-limited, just two minutes, and in the event that games go into overtime, a central capture point … Read More »

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