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Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Every Gamer’s Adventure Champion 2017? Then apply for the one-day e-sports Fifa 17 Ultimate Gaming Tournament at Wembley! The tournament is being organized by the Football Association, and gamers from around the world will compete for a chance to lift the trophy at Wembley Stadium on May 6th. Gamers will be able to compete with their Xbox and Playstation Consoles in 1-on-1 matches across iconic areas of English Football; that includes areas like The Royal Box, the players’ tunnel, and the changing rooms. The tournament is a replica of the real ... Read More »
Microsoft had initially announced at E3 2016 that they would be adding a feature called Arena for Xbox gamers. Today at the Microsoft Event it was revealed that gamers can create and host their own tournaments! Using Xbox One or Windows 10, gamers can set the game mode, style, date, and time of their tournament. It will be available sometime in 2017. What game popped into your mind at the mention of tournaments? What’s the first game you’re going to set up? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, subscribe ... Read More »
First, they brought Preview members’ Clubs and LFG on Xbox Live. Now Major Nelson has confirmed that a new Preview update due to drop today will bring Arena on Xbox Live, along with Achievement Rarity, so you can keep tabs on your Gamerscore compared to other players. First up, Arena on Xbox Live… As of today, Arena on Xbox Live will off US Preview members the chance to take part in practice tournaments on Killer Instinct. That’s going to work across Xbox One, the Xbox beta app and Windows 10, and Major Nelson says they’ll be expanding the scope and ... Read More »
Eleauge have partnered up with 'FaceIt' to create an Overwatch tournament that will have a prize pool of $300,000 ! Overwatch has been a huge hit since it came out back in May and now fans will have the chance to compete and even watch the finals when it is broadcast on 'TBS'. “This opportunity to feature Blizzard’s popular Overwatch further expands our eSports offerings and aligns ELEAGUE with a game that is widely embraced by the community, we look forward to bringing the same level of production and storytelling capabilities we’ve demonstrated throughout the first season of ELEAGUE to this championship event.” ... Read More »
There’s a new Rocket League update on the way – and the developer’s VP has declared it ‘surprising’, ‘interesting’ and ‘cool’. Now that gets us ‘excited’. During an interview with IGN, Jeremy Dunham, VP of Psyonix, cryptically announced that... We've got something brewing that a lot of people have been asking for in different forms but is also very surprising. It's going to be interesting, but it's going to be cool too. Now that could be anything from new game modes to the seriously desired cross-console play. Explaining that the studio will be much ‘more aggressive’ with its DLC, Dunham ... Read More »
The rise of the eSports audience means Xbox have a new target for their charm offensive towards gamers. They’ve been pretty busy doing sterling work serious gamers crowd since their wallet got hit back in 2013 – backwards compatibility being their current piece de resistance – but now they’re aiming to attract eSports developers, unveiling their Xbox Live Tournaments Platform. Xbox has always had a presence on the eSports circuit, with appearances at Halo and Call of Duty competitions, but now they want more of that pie. Like, all of it, preferably. There’s good reason for that decision – eSports ... Read More »
In the Halo 5:Guardians tournament that took place at this years Gamescom, the matches were played with a Bo3, 50 kills team slayer style match-up. First match up was Optic Gaming(NA) vs Supremacy(EU). After some technical difficulties during the first match, which was played on the Empire map, Supremacy won the first round 50-44. Second round, played on the new map Fathom, Supremacy started up with a 6-0 lead but then was even all the way up to 35 where Optic pulled ahead with some really big plays, using the new spartan abilities to the fullest, ending with a close ... Read More »

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