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XBOUK’s Top Five of the Week

We all have them, don’t we? That list of games that we’d love to play through again, but that life and new releases just tend to get in the way of? The ones that you loved first time around for various reasons. Maybe you even still have the Xbox 360 discs kicking around – in spite of the knowledge that you’ll probably never switch your 360 on again as backward compatibility takes more and more ground from under the games on the shelf – and you keep them anyway. Well, I’m just like you. I’ve got loads of games that I’d … Read More »

XBOUK’s Top Five of the Week

Each week, one of our editors will write an article that they’re (somewhat) passionate about, listing their top five favourites for anything to do with Xbox One or gaming on the Xbox One. Want to read our top five headsets? Or even top five gamer chairs? Perhaps you just want to know the top five games to avoid? We’ll have them for you on a weekly basis, so there’ll be something for everyone…somewhere down the line. This week, to kick things off and to celebrate the release of Destiny 2’s first raid and our review, we’re going to be giving … Read More »

Top 5 Destiny Crucible Weapons of All Time!

Anyone who has ever stepped inside of Destiny‘s PVP arena known as the Crucible has felt the wrath of a particular weapon and thought to themselves – “man that gun seems overpowered.”  You might be right because in a world that encourages character builds based on perks and abilities, it’s easy for things to get out of whack.  As someone who has played Destiny since day 1 I can attest to a ton of profanity that has been thrown by me towards my TV constantly dying to particular weapons.  Destiny is much more balanced now than it ever has been. … Read More »

Top 5 Manly Manly Men In Games

There’s a time and a place for Lara Croft surviving in the wilderness; there’s a time and a place for Clementine navigating her way through the pitfalls of the zombie apocalypse; and there’s a time and a place for Max and Chloe to experience the strange life of Arcadia Bay. All of those are fantastic titles with great female leads, and a worthwhile use of your valuable gaming time, but sometimes you want to say “SCREW IT!”, put emotions to one side and just blow stuff up. Or punch something in the face. Like a man. These are 5 examples … Read More »

Top 5 Guest Characters in Fighting Games

Fighting games are awesome. An expected declaration from a man who proclaims his love for the genre in his own bio, but it’s a declaration I will hammer home until such time as Katsuhiro Harada appears at the Tokyo Game Show, announces fighting games are dead and commits seppuku live on stage. But until that day, the love between bearded man and battering simulations will continue unabated. And it’s the love of fighting games that’s shared by a lot of gaming companies and the mainstream media in general. So much so that guest characters often find their way into different … Read More »

5 Games That Deserve An Xbox One Release

In the age we currently live in, where re-releases and HD updates flood the shelves, and everything that’s old seems to be new again, we have to remember that some hidden treasures from the previous generations often fall by the wayside. So we’re here today to bring you 5 games from the past that could do with some extra loving, whether that be a port, a HD Collection or even a fresh sequel. Okami Let’s start this list off with one of the finest adventure games of the sixth console generation. Famed for its godly beauty, at a time when … Read More »

Game Wishlist: 5 PC Games I’d Like To Play On Xbox One

Over the years, various PC games have made it onto consoles such as The Escapists, Terraria and of course Minecraft. I decided that this week I would write a wishlist of 5 games that I would love to see on the Xbox One in the future, check out my list below… #5 : Football Manager This is one of my most played games on the PC and although there has been versions of the popular simulator on previous older consoles, it has yet to make it onto next-gen. With a huge football loving fan base, Football Manager would be a … Read More »

Game Wishlist: 5 TV Shows I’d Like To See Made Into An Xbox One Game

Game developers have been recreating our favorite television shows for years. From CSI to Game Of Thrones there has always been a varied amount of TV based video games on the market. Having watched my fair share of television shows and played a lot of games centered around TV that we all know and love, I decided that I would put together a list of 5 shows that I would love to see appear as a game on the Xbox Live Store. #5 : Sherlock A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st … Read More »

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