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Too Kind Studio have brought to life an epic story-driven adventure platformer with a bit of metoridvania thrown in for good measure with their title Pankapu. But beneath the glorious art style, is it just another platformer we've been inundated with? Pankapu started out as an episodic adventure on PC, but now it's released on Xbox One as a fully-fledged title where you play the titular character, created by a great god to help rid the world of it's dark creatures that have manifested and invaded. Uncovering more to this land and the tales it tells will become clear as ... Read More »
Achievements have been revealed for the story-driven 2D platformer Pankapu, developed by Too Kind Studio. Pankapu has a total of 10 secret achievements, all of which can be revealed by highlighting below. Name Description Gamerscore Chii Discover Chii's origins 15 Ferem Find a Ferem’s Tear 15 Gangreyn Beat Gangreyn 15 Iketomi Beat Iketomi 175 Mudjins Find a Mudjin 15 Ohiti, Ohoko and Ohala Seal the bond between Pankapu and his friends 15 Sadhil Discover a Sadhil Seed 15 Vaya Meet Vaya in Stonefall Henge 15 G.U.N. Unit Beat 20 G.U.N. Units 15 D.O.O.R. System Beat 5 D.O.O.R. Systems 15 Gelatyn ... Read More »

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