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Welcome The Division, Agents, and welcome to another day! Here’s the daily information for you on 15 May 2016. Daily missions are Napalm Production Site (Hard) for 10 PC and Blue Crafting Material, Time Square Power Relay (Hard) for 10 PC and Blue Crafting Material and WarrenGate Power Plant one Challenging for 20 PC and Yellow Crafting Material Daily Assignments Combat: 10 Riker Eliminated 10 PxC Crafting: 2 Blue Items Crafted 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 3 Elites Eliminated 7,500 Dz XP Weekly Assignments : 30 PxC Strategic Assignment 50 LMB Eliminated 30 Weapon Parts Collected 40 Skill Kills 10 Missions Completed Hard or Above Superior Weapons Advanced Weapons ... Read More »
It has been announced by the current Creative Director of Ubisoft's The Division that the Demographic Matchmaking System that was proposed in 2013 has been scaled back to a more traditional matchmaking model In 2013 the old Creative Director of The Division, Nicklas Cederstrom made a large and revolutionary promise regarding their matchmaking system in an interview with Rev3Games.  They were going to allow matchmaking to take into account the lives of each player, and then put you in a multiplayer game with like minded people. "What we've done is we're making sure we've matched up players with the right skill set for ... Read More »

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