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Rainbow Six Siege: Wasn’t live till 5am this morning

If your a fan of the Tom Clancy games and you pre-ordered Rainbow Six Siege with plans to collect it at midnight last night, maybe you should just of stayed in bed. The people who purchased the game may have noticed that the servers were down last night. Nope that wasn’t another issue like in the Beta! this was in-fact a planned decision by Ubisoft. According to the Ubisoft Support Site the games servers wouldn’t actually go live until 5am today, bit of a bummer if you collect the game last night. With all the server issues during the final Beta only a week or so before release full … Read More »

The Division’s Limited Edition Box Art

As we’re all aware by now a game wont just come out on it’s own, they come with numerous editions, some from a little extra DLC, others to include custom consoles and extra gadgets we all hate to love. The Division is among those game types with limited editions joining the scene on release. The contents is yet to be seen for a couple of them but what we do know is the latest glimpse of the box art is well, pretty good. Not amazing don’t get me wrong but better than the usual picture of a soldier who has … Read More »

Latest Competition

Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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