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Titanfall 2 has been something of a hit, with many players returning to the franchise after putting down the first game fairly quickly. With anything that we love we always want more of it and Respawn are more then happy to oblige. They have now announced the free content that we will be getting over the next couple of months. The first thing that we will be seeing in February will be the much anticipated game mode Live Fire. This mode sees two teams of six go up against each other in matches that will last just one minute. The ... Read More »
Today sees the launch of fan favourite map Angel City in Titanfall 2. The map is a remastered and updated version of the map of the same name from the original Titanfall game. As you'd expect though the map isn't the only thing being introduced today, below is the Titan sized list of patch notes for all of the changes coming your way Pilots! New Content [FREE] New Map: We are welcoming Angel City to Titanfall 2 with a 24/7 playlist, meaning if you just want to play Angel City all day and night you can! •Playlist will be a mix of Attrition ... Read More »
Respawn is upholding their promises to deliver better content compared to the original Titanfall and they are doing it quickly.  Last week we reported all the new DLC items that will be coming for those that preordered tomorrow November 30th and for everyone else on December 3rd.  You can see all that info here: Titanfall 2 Free DLC. EA UK on Twitter just put out a great trailer for the Angel City map which is a remake of the original from the first Titanfall game. https://twitter.com/electronicarts/status/803633887389749248 From the blog post in that tweet they mention that from 2-4 December, Titanfall 2 ... Read More »
We love Titanfall 2 -  it's one of our Games of the Year to be sure and, on balance, we think it's the best of the three 'big name' shooters released in recently, trouncing Infinite Warfare and edging out the superb Battlefield 1. We think it has the quality to stand in the ring and slug it out in such a packed release window - but it seems not everyone has that faith, and we've previously reported on its disappointing sales. In a recent interview with Glixel, Respawn supremo and straight-talker Vince Zamparella stated that it's not a guarantee that more Titanfall ... Read More »
Black Friday - one of the biggest shopping experience's of the year! This year, Xbox is offering savings on a whole host of fantastic games ranging including Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Skyrim, to name just a few! There is also a sneaky little deal added in - Xbox Live Gold for only £1! Christmas is coming early once more with some great deals. The prices will be revealed on November 18th for gold members. Check out the video: As the information comes in we will keep you updated, are you looking forward to black Friday? ... Read More »
The debate about whether videogames are 'art' or not continues to rage on and on - but whatever side of that particular fence on which you stand, one thing isn't up for debate: they certainly contain art. Games can be visually arresting for many reasons, but with the power under the hood of this latest generation of consoles we're finding ourselves wowed more and more every day. The first Titanfall looked nice enough, to be sure - workmanlike some might say, in its depiction of off world mining colonies and an inter-planetary battle for control. There was variety aplenty, people looked ... Read More »
There's a moment, around a third of the way through Titanfall 2's bombastic, heroes-and-villains filled campaign, when you're hit with the sudden realisation that you're having fun. You've been having fun from the moment it started, some three hours ago, and believe us when we tell you you'll be having fun right 'til the very end, some six hours in the future. 2014's Titanfall - shipping without any meaningful campaign mode - had a huge influence on the First Person Shooter marketplace. It grabbed the boots-in-the-mud genre and gave it, if not wings, then a nifty jet pack and some ... Read More »
Electronic Arts have this week spoken out about the future of Titanfall, and it appears the publisher is committing to the franchise for the coming years ahead. With Titanfall 2 launching last week, the sequel has been met with both high praise and enthusiasm. However despite the positive nature surround the release, sales have so far struggled within the first week. This hasn't stopped EA from talking about the future of the series after an abundance of questions at an investor meeting with the company last night. Blake Jorgensen and Andrew Wilson of EA were reportedly asked several times on ... Read More »
EA’s latest shooter has failed to take the UK charts by storm. That’s not, we suspect, because it’s a poor game – it’s actually a pretty decent FPS – but due to one of the strangest release date decisions we’ve seen in a while. Unsurprisingly, Battlefield 1 still dominates the charts, with a large portion of those sales going to PlayStation 4, while Titanfall 2 crawls in at number 4. The highest new entry was the remastered Skyrim, which took second place in the all-formats chart. But Titanfall 2 seems to have suffered from seriously poor timing when it comes ... Read More »

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