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Hopefully we will all become the Messi of driving I'm hoping that because you're here I don't need to tell you what 'Rocket League' is, unless you've been under a rock. Basically, you drive around and try to hit the huge ball into the opponents goal - sounds easy right, well you could be easily mistaken. I have played a few games and said this famous phrase "How the heck did they do that, that's not possible", chances are you have said this too in a few other games as well. So how about a few hints, they may not ... Read More »
2k's latest edition to it's ever growing collection is a game that many survivalists will definitely want to pick up this year. Whether it's the thrill of playing in First person and trying to avoid becoming prey or the excitement of playing the Third Person as the monsters and chasing the humans through the vast maps which are full of exploration options.   "Come here you little critters"   Whatever your game tactics are, here are 6 top tips to help you succeed in Evolve. Know your tools If you want to succeed in Evolve, you're definitely going to need ... Read More »
One question I see on a daily basis, is what External hard-drive should I get. So here's a few tips on what to look for. Firstly you MUST ensure the hard drive ....... Has capacity of 256 GB or more Uses USB 3.0. Anything that isn't is fine for storage & media, but the above is required to use for "Games & Apps" where your Xbox will treat it as an Xbox drive, and allow you to store your full game installs. So, you need a USB3 External Hard drive that's at least 256gb, as a guide HDD size - ... Read More »
A quick step by step guide and FAQ page for game sharing on the Xbox One. First, some very basic information. Hopefully everyone knows all of the following: Xbox One games on disc cannot be played without it and therefore cannot be simultaneously shared. If you want to share your disc games, you'll have to share your disc and make do without that game for a while. However, the Xbox One can also play games downloaded directly and this is where the magic happens. These can be purchased on the Xbox One store, or download codes can be purchased from other retailers (see ... Read More »

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